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What Are the Factors That Affect the Thermal Resistance of the LED Dot -point Light Source Module

1. The LED chip architecture and raw materials are also one of the factors that affect the thermal resistance of LED dot -light sources, and reducing the thermal resistance of the LED itself is the preliminary condition; The impact of thermal resistance is also great, so the selection of suitable thermal sinking materials is also one of the methods to reduce the thermal resistance of LED components. 3. Even if the same thermal sinking material is used, it is directly related to the size of the heat dissipation area. The secondary heat dissipation design is good and the area is large, which reduces the heat resistance accordingly. Extension has a great effect. 4. LED chip is directly connected to the metal with heat conducting glue, including the different seeds of thermal conductivity and metal will affect the size of the LED thermal resistance. Try to minimize the heat resistance between LED and secondary heat dissipation mechanism loading interface. 5. The working environment temperature of the LED component is too high, and the thermal resistance of the LED component will also reduce the ambient temperature as much as possible. 6. Select a certain technical details such as the material and control rated exchange power to improve the lighting efficiency of LED and extend the LED life as the premise. Simple induction, we must consider the following points when designing the LED point light source module: 1. Reduce the thermal resistance of the chip. LED -side light source LED injection molding module LED light strip LED waterproof irrigation glue module Hongyan cabin three -one cabin three -one heavy work accessories 2. Optimize thermal channel. A. Channel architecture: the shorter the length (L), the better; the larger the area (s), the better; the less the link, the better; eliminate the thermal conduction bottleneck on the channel. B. The heating coefficient of the channel material, the larger the better. C. Improve the packaging process, make the interface contact between channel links more close and reliable. 3. Strengthen the guide/heat dissipation function of the telecommunications channel. 4. Select the light -out -out channel material with higher heat dissipation efficiency.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Thermal Resistance of the LED Dot -point Light Source Module 1

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