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 Mini UVC LED Air Purifier        

Eliminate harmful gases that cause odor and indoor air syndrome in the car : such as acetic acid, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, ammonia, etc., with an elimination rate of 99.9%.

Effective removal of pathogenic bacteria: the removal rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is 99.9%.

Long term formaldehyde removal: high performance fan and photocatalysis system can strongly, continuously and effectively adsorb and purify formaldehyde.

Innovative Mosquito Trap
Violeds technology use UV LED for superior performance
UV LED with the highest optical output to attract mosquitoes over a longer area
Optimized UV wavelength to effectively- attract mosquitos
Heat generation by innovative heat dissipation-design to achieve appropriate temperature (38~40°C) to effectively- attract mosquitos
CO2 generated by TiO2 to attract more mosquitoes
Low noise(28.3dBA, Suitable for bedroom use)
Mosquito escape-prevention structure in case of power-cut
UV Sterilization Water Bottle
304 stainless steel inner and outer double-layer structure
Craftsmanship, visible quality, super corrosion resistance, can make tea and drink

Durable temperature lock, heat preservation and cold
Temperature locked copper layer, reflecting heat
304 stainless steel, edible grade steel
UVC LED Module For Flow Water
TH-UVC-SW01 is a UVC LED flowing water disinfection module(Faucet) applied for the water outlet of commercial water dispenser with self luminous effect.

Its UVC LED light source's wavelength range 270~280nm has excellent and efficient sterilization effect. The internal chamber is designed by high UVC refelectivity to increase the utilization of UV light and improve the sterilization effect.

In order to ensure the safety of drinking water, there is a special construction design of this UVC module which is able to prevent the plastic aging in maximum extent where the parts contact with water directly. 
UVC LED Static Bacteriostatic Module TH-UVC-M01 / 2
TH-UVC-M01 has a French rounded edge turned out at the bottom, and TH-UVC-M02 does not have a French rounded edge at the bottom. It is suitable for air and liquid bacteriostasis with water tank and closed cavity structure. The polished surface meets the waterproof requirements of IP65. 
UVC LED Static bacteriostatic module TH-UVC-C01/TH-UVC-27

TH-UVC-C01 It is a static UVC LED bacteriostasis module for air and liquid bacteriostasis. It is suitable for closed cavity structure with water tank. It can be installed at the top, side wall and bottom.

The light emitting surface meets the waterproof requirements of IP65. Even if it is installed at the bottom of the water tank, there is no need to worry about water leakage. 

UVB LED grow light

UVB 310nm applications

Vegetable and fruit planting: It is planted in the greenhouse. The irradiation of UVB 310nm on the plant increases the number of hair glands in the leaves of the plant and promotes the growth.

Cannabis cultivation: more and more countries, including the United States, Canada and many European countries, legalize cannabis and use it for medical and recreational purposes.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, the most famous bioactive chemical component in cannabis; Highly concentrated in plant glandular hairs.

The hairy glands of cannabis are the reservoirs of essential oil and cannabis tetrahydrocannabinol on the leaves.

Irradiation of cannabis with UVB 310nm can increase the THC concentration of cannabis leaves and flowers, increase the number of hair glands and promote the growth.

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