ODM/OEM services of various air and water disinfection modules and overall UV LED(UVA.UVB.UVC.UVV) solution provider.

ODM Service

We Can Provide You

Tianhui electric has been engaging in UV LED package with full production series and stable quality and reliability as well as competitive prices. We have been providing oed/odm services for more than 20 years. We can make products with customer logos and customize packaging for customers.
We choose UV LED materials according to the use of your products.

We match the matching UV LED according to the product design you provide.

Over the past 20 years, we have served customers in more than 50 countries.
We will quote within 1-3 days, deliver the sample within 3-7 days, and arrange shipment and delivery within 20-30 days for large goods.
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Make Your Custom products Step By Step
The products include UVA, UVB, UVC from short wavelength to long wavelength and complete UV LED specifications from small power to high power.
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our Customized service
Familiar with different kinds of UV LED applications, we are familiar with UV LED sterilization, UV curing and UV medical detection application fields and so on.

No special requirements.Don’t worry, for a custom factory, Sample producing time is 3-7days and it usually takes about 7days arrived you there by DHL , UPS ,EMS ,FedEx.

Customized order 

ODM.OEM are warmly welcome. Tianhui has a talented R & D team of engineers to make everything work in an efficient way at a reasonable cost and assist guests in solving various UV LED problems.

Bulk production
500000+ UVC lamp beads per day
5000-10000+ UVC modules per day
5-10+ sets of UVA equipment per month

Our products quality guarantee is 12 months validity period (in case of use in compliance with product standards)

In case of any quality problem during the warranty period, our company will assist customers to find and solve the problem by communicating with your company and providing pictures or defective product data analysis, and we will repair or replenish the product free of charge if it is confirmed as a product quality problem.

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