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Uvled UVLED Light Source Equipment Evaluation Indicator

Today, UVLED irradiation and applications are becoming more and more extensive. Different companies have different design concepts and design methods. How to evaluate the quality of a UVLED irradiation device, we think there are mainly the following indicators: 1> The conversion efficiency of electricity and light is the conversion efficiency of electricity and light. Look at the ratio between our equipment consumed and the effective power of the light source output, the LED is the energy -saving light source, the higher the ratio, the higher the efficiency of the electricity power conversion. Electric large, low electricity conversion efficiency. 2> The uniformity of the distribution of light spots, uniformity refers to the difference in the strength of each point in the range of the valid light spots. The smaller the difference, the better the uniformity. 3> The life of the light source, the LED life is relatively long, but in practical applications, various design and environmental factors may destroy the light source, the longer the life span, the more reasonable the design of the device design. 4> The efficiency of heat dissipation and the uniformity of heat dissipation, because many lamp beads gathered together, which will emit a lot of heat. If the heat can not be distributed in time, it will have a fatal effect on the equipment and products. 3 methods: heat sink and water cooling. 5> The stability and reliability of the circuit control system. If this part is not done well, those with light may often fail, affect efficiency, and may destroy the light source, and even cause the terrible consequences of the fire.

Uvled UVLED Light Source Equipment Evaluation Indicator 1

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