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[LCD Industry] Tianhuiuvled Solidification Machine Helps the Development of the LCD Industry

TIANHUIUVLED solid machine also has many application scenarios in the LCD industry. Among them, there are mainly the following four application points. Now let Tianhui take you one by one to understand: 1. During the LCD production process, the purpose of the light carvings is according to product design requirements. , Apply light glue on the ITO conductive glass, and perform ultraviolet light exposure, that is, selective irradiation, which chemically reacts the photoresist in the optical part of the light, which changes the solubility of this part of the film in the developed solution. Then use the protective effect of photoresal glue to selectively chemically corrode the ITO conductive layer, so as to obtain a graphic that completely corresponds to the mask on the ITO conductive glass. Second, UV LED modification (surface quality change) is currently used in the production process of LCD display STN, which is mainly used in membrane treatment technology. It is very effective for improving the tightness between the membrane. Plastic membrane layer, TOP coating and PI coating, etc. Third, UV LED's solidification of LCD sealing and blocking glue. The empty liquid crystal box that does not irrigate the liquid crystal must be fixed. When using a sealing rubber, the solidification process conditions should be made reasonably according to the performance of the UV glue used to avoid solidification with excessive ultraviolet light to prevent adverse effects on LCD. Because the decomposition of UV light on LCD materials will increase the power consumption current of the device. The UV curing machine is added to the resin in a special formula. After the UV coatings radiate through the ultraviolet radiation, the chemical reaction is generated after attracting high -intensity ultraviolet light in the UV -optical curing equipment. Sending a free ionic or ion, these free groups or ions with double bonds in the premature or unsaturated monomer of the ionic group have a cross -linking response to form a single group, which causes aggregation, cross -linking, and branches. In a few seconds (no), from liquid state to solid state. This change process is called UV curing, but this process is not over, and there is a post -curing process. Therefore, the quality of the product after the test must be performed. Fourth, UV LED cleaning UVLED light cleaning technology is to use the optical oxidation effect of organic compounds to remove organic substances that are attached to the surface of the material. UVLED emits ultraviolet light in a special band, which reacts with the optical agent inside the organic compound. Therefore, if you want to use this process, you must choose the correct UVLED spectrum energy and the appropriate optical agent material. TIANHUI can provide sample machines for free testing with customers, ensuring that customers have zero investment in the early stage. TIANHUI has obtained dual certification of national high -tech enterprises and Zhuhai high -tech enterprises. Patent UVLED light source curing system. Adopting advanced intelligent touch technology and driving solutions can make the UVLED light source system more simple and easy to use. Professional heat dissipation technology guarantees the stable and reliable equipment of the equipment. The UVLED dot light sources, UVLED line light sources, UVLED face light sources, UVLED oven, UVLED tunnel furnaces have been widely used in the fields of glue hardening, ink dry, light oil and other fields. If you have the needs or questions of UVLED solidification, you are welcome to get in touch with our Tianhui, we will be good at all! Tianhui looks forward to meeting you!

[LCD Industry] Tianhuiuvled Solidification Machine Helps the Development of the LCD Industry 1

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