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LED Lamp Beads -level Beading Lighting Technology Route Improvement Route

LED lamp beads lighting skills lines are integrated with extension, substrate, packaging, white light LED lamp beads, etc. Red, green, and blue LED lamp beads are III-V race compounds such as phosphorus, arsenic, nitrogen, etc. GAN) and other semi -guidance systems. 1. The price skills of LED lamp beads extended LED lamp beads for more than ten years have improved the growth process through the process of improvement. However, the nitrogen galfa gan of the mainstream white light lighting beads and the lattice of the lattice between the substrate and the unsatising coefficient of the heat expansion coefficient still causes a very high -bit error density density. For a long time, it has been to study the ability of LED lamp beads to reduce the density density and improve the crystal quality of the LED lamp beads to the most night. The extension of LED lamp beads is the focus department of LED lamp beads. The wavelength, forward voltage, brightness, or luminous volume of LED lamp beads basically depends on the material material. The extension skills and equipment are the key to manufacturing skills of the extension film. Metal organic material qi deposition skills (MOCVD) is an important essential of the growth of III-LED lamp bead specifications. The absence of the outer lattice is used as a non -glowing non -radiation composite center, which has a very main impact on the optical function of the device. LED lamp beads extension layout and extension skills research: The growth skills of LED lamp beads are pregnant, and a large number of subtitles and low IN components of the Ingan pre -mounted stress“Storage pond”Then heating up and growing the GAN barrier layer to improve the crystal quality of the barrier layer, the Ingaaln barrier layer or the growth stress of the growth of the grid. The quantum trap has a source area Ingan/Gan quantum trap. The source area is the focus of LED lamp beads. The key to growing Ingan quantum trap is to control the stress of the quantum trap, reduce the effects of polarization effects. The growth of LED lamp beads in the last years, the extension layer of LED lamp beads and extension skills have been mature. The internal quantum efficiency of LED lamp beads has reached more than 90%. However, in the study of power LED lamp beads, the quantum efficiency in invention of the year -old current injection is significant, and it is called the DROOP effect. The DROOP effect of GAN -based LED lamp beads is originally biased towards the localization of the carrier. The test invention accepts a wide quantum trap to reduce the density of the carrier and optimize the electronic interception layer of the P -shaped area. Other detailed skills in LED lamp beads extension layout and extension skills research are: The appearance of rough appearance LED lamp beads is delayed in appearance, which is commensurate with the transition angle to prevent the full reflection of the light. The difference between the refractive index and the packaging material is caused by the departure of the department's outlet will be reflected back to the extension layer. The process is directly punished for the disposal of the extension appearance, and it is easy to destroy the extension of the source of the extension, and the transparent electrode is more difficult to build. It is a feasible road to reaching the rough appearance through the transition of the extension of the external delay layer. Laboring skills LED lamp beads sapphire substrate laser stripping skills are based on GAN homogeneous extension and growth skills, coaxing UV laser irradiation base, melting transition layer peeling. To 75%, it is three times the traditional, and it has formed the production line. LED lamp bead pour chip skills. According to Lumileds company data, LED lamp beads of sapphire substrate growth rate of about 1.6 times. In addition to the front light of LED lamp beads, except for the front of the light, the outlet light of other faces reflects as much as possible back to the extension of the extension, and the ultimate promotion is from the front of the front. The micro -layout of the two -dimensional photon crystals of Lyric lamp beads can exceed the efficiency of leaping light. In September 2003, LED lamp beads with a diameter of 1.5 microns and 0.5 microns in height of 0.5 microns were built. Second, the chip base of LED lamp beads often uses chip base skills lines often use sapphire substrates, silicon carbide substrates, silicon substrate three -year night, as well as nitride, zinc oxide and so on developed. Met the requirements for the substrate material: The chemical invariability of the lumine bead substrate and the exterior membrane layer is matched. The substrate material must have a good chemical invariability. The chemical reflection of membrane breeding causes the quality of the vertical membrane to land; LED lamp bead substrate matches the thermal expansion coefficient of the vertical membrane layer, and the thermal expansion coefficients are different. The destruction of the device is destroyed; the layout of the LED lamp base and the exterior membrane layer is matched. my country's LED lamp beads silicon base skills have suffered from skills breakthroughs, and they are growing up to the application of propertyization of the year -end. At present, only sapphires and silicon substrates that have been used for commercialized GAN -based LED lamp beads are. Other substrate materials that can be used for GAN -based LED lamp beads are separated from property and commensurate with GAN homogeneous substrates and ZNO substrates.

LED Lamp Beads -level Beading Lighting Technology Route Improvement Route 1

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