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How Does the Industrial Change LED Use the Power?

Facing a new round of global industrial changes and new domestic economy, only companies that take the initiative to adjust can grab the opportunity in the future development and gain more development space. From the actual situation, the same is true of LED companies that are good at capturing market opportunities, attaching importance to innovation and development, and focusing on cultivating brand value, and the operating conditions are better; some LED SMEs with low technical content, lack of products, and inadequate adjustments are generally difficult to produce and operate. If you want to occupy a place in the intelligent manufacturing ecological chain in the future, you must always be prepared to meet the challenge at all times. (1) Strengthening the strength of a coordinated innovation capabilities not only depends on its endogenous innovation resources, but also depends on its ability to integrate society and global resources. The update speed of technology must be transformed into the alliance -style collaborative innovation and the open innovation of open innovation. This is the general trend of the current technological development, and it is also an inevitable requirement for the innovation and development of small and medium -sized enterprises. For small and medium -sized enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing ecological chain, we must also actively find opportunities to participate in cutting -edge technological innovation alliances with a global perspective and an open mindset. By integrating or using various excellent technological resources to improve their own innovation capabilities and their own innovation capabilities and their own innovation capabilities and their own innovation capabilities and various excellent technological resources Overall innovation strength, strive to obtain technological advantages in critical links, so as to gradually occupy a more favorable position in the collaborative innovation system and the industrial ecological chain. (2) Improve the standardization level In the intelligent manufacturing ecological chain, standards are everywhere, and cannot enter the standard system of intelligent manufacturing. From intelligent production, intelligent factories to intelligent logistics, a complete set of strict standard systems, such as realizing the intelligent interconnection of CNC equipment, the collaboration of production processes of different organizations, and quality process control, decision -making support systems, etc. The standards are all starting To the basic role. SMEs should actively explore organizational organizations that are responsible for standardized management. On the one hand, collecting domestic and foreign standards closely related to their own fields, and timely grasp the latest progress of industry standard information; on the other hand The connection and communication of upstream and downstream enterprises, actively participate in the formulation of new standards, and ensure the practicality and advancement of the standards. (3) Intelligent transformation In the intelligent manufacturing ecological chain, intelligent transformation is a choice that enterprises cannot bypass, especially for processing enterprises, it is even more urgent. Intelligent transformation is not only a single robot or intelligent device, but a systematic project. It is necessary to effectively connect R & D, production process, management and operation, etc., gradually improve the overall intelligence level, and finally establish a complete intelligent manufacturing system system. Of course, enterprises cannot blindly carry out intelligent transformation. They must be tailored and do their best. We must use intelligent transformation as a gradual evolution process. Starting from the most urgent stage, gradually improve. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the power of the government to actively strive for pilot demonstration; pay attention to learning the experience of peers, and avoid taking detours. (4) Promoting service transformation and transformation is an important trend of future development. For any type of enterprise, it is necessary to use service transformation to increase the added value of the product and maximize profits. Generally speaking, the process of service -oriented transformation of the enterprise is the process of reconstruction of business processes. The focus of service transformation is to focus on expanding product functions and meet user needs, and increase R & D design, logistics, marketing, after -sales service, corporate management, supply chain management Invest in service links such as brand management to increase the proportion of service value in the company's output value. At present, there are many successful cases of service -oriented transformation of manufacturing enterprises. For example, Qingdao red collar, a clothing company, has launched the first domestic clothing personalized customization platform through more than 2 million customers accumulated more than 2 million customers; Traditional processing companies such as Haier have also found new growth space through service transformation. (5) Pay attention to organizing innovation and business model innovation. With the widely used Internet to all aspects of industrial development, organizational innovation and business model innovation are becoming a new direction for industrial innovation and development. In the Internet environment, the relationship between enterprises and enterprises, between enterprises and consumers, and internal enterprises always change constantly. Enterprise organizations must continue to adjust and change with the changes in the external environment and internal conditions in order Growing up and developing, avoid rigidity and death. The market -oriented and user -centric development trend forces enterprises to continuously carry out business model innovation in order to provide richer services and more humane experiences, so that innovation results will be transformed into actual commercial value faster. For enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing ecological chain, technological innovation, organizational innovation, and business model innovation must be combined in order to better meet the needs of future development. LED professional manufacturers, with the most advanced testing equipment and fully automated production equipment in the industry, quality assurance, low light decay, good light effect consistency, energy saving, environmental protection, quality of survival with quality, seeking development with integrity, excellence, creating first -class creation product. 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How Does the Industrial Change LED Use the Power? 1

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