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How to Maintain LED Car Lights

LED was born as early as the 1960s. In the 1980s, it was generally used on household appliances, such as audio volume indications, switching instructions, etc. In the 1990s, some new types of domestic car meters were also used to use LEDs, which were mainly used for charging instructions. Later, there were also showing engine speed conditions. When the driver stepped on the accelerator, LED lamps were lit from bottom to top. When the pine throttle, the LED lamps went out from top to bottom in order, which is quite eye -catching. In the mid -1990s, my country used LEDs to make high brake lights and installed on the car. Because the LED lights were fast, the car driver at the end of the tail could know the driving status of the vehicle in front, reducing the occurrence of a car rear -end collision accident. Classification of LED car lights: mainly divided into external lamps and internal lamps. Common lights are: front lights, turning lights, rear lights, fog lights, reversing rear lights, etc. Let's introduce the maintenance and use of each major light one by one. In general, as long as it is not on, it means that the bulb has been burned and must be replaced. But if it is not completely broken, it is just a decrease in brightness, red and dim light, and must not take it lightly. Because this may be a precursor of failure, and the reduced lighting ability is also a major reasons for the decrease in the major hidden dangers of safe driving. The most common is the astigmatism glass of the lamps or dust on the reflective mirror. At this time, the only thing that needs to be done is to remove the dirt with a velvet or lens paper. Another reason is that the battery charging capacity decreases, and the electricity is insufficient and the brightness is insufficient. In this case, you need to replace the new battery. There is also a possibility of aging line or too thin wires, causing the resistance to increase and affect power supply. This situation not only affects the work of the bulb, but even causes the line to pass through the heat and cause the fire. Various types of lamp maintenance methods: front lights: Generally speaking, friends who often drive night cars should consider replacing a pair of higher brightness front lights. In this way, in the dark night, enough brightness can help you see the road surface clearly on the road surface. All the details, and when you hit Yuanguang, you can also make you look farther. If the premise is permitted, you can even replace a pair of pyrine headlights (HID). The pyrine lamp not only has enough brightness and long life. It also has a feature: the color temperature is very high, and the color temperature close to the sunlight is also a protection of the driver's eyes. Tail light: Don't underestimate the rear lights. If the rear light is faulty, it is easy to cause a rear -end accident. Generally speaking, as long as it is not a failure, the tail lights have not been selected. In addition to installing transparent light shells to increase ornamental, it is a good choice to replace traditional light bulbs with LED luminous body. Traditional light bulbs have shortened, which means that after you step on the brake pedal, the LED brake light can be brighter earlier than ordinary light bulbs, so that the tail -to -vehicle has more preparation time. Fog lights: fog lights are often referred to as shooting lights. As the name implies, the main purpose of the fog lights is to ensure the driver's sight in harsh days, and to ensure that others can see you. Now there are many manufacturers. The quality of the choice of fog lights is relatively poor. Like the front light, in addition to changing the fog lights with enough brightness, choosing a pair of HID 氙 氙 fog lights is also a good choice. Receive lamp after reversing: It is a headache for reversing in the night, especially the driver with poor vision. The weak light of the original reversing light is actually not much help. At this time, you need a pair of backs to rear lights. This is an independent lamps installed in the middle or below of the rear bumper. It will automatically light up after you hang up the reverse gear. No longer need to worry about it. Technology Co., Ltd., specializes. In 13 years of LED component production and sales experience, ceramic 3535 lamp beads are used for flashlights and lights; use ASM, KS fully automatic solid crystal welding lines, Musashi point replenishment, from the choice of raw materials, He Line's gold thread, the gold thread of He Li's, Red copper brackets, San'an, Jingguan, Dehao Chip. 13 years of industry precipitation to escort your high -quality lamps. Welcome to inquire: 13902912109 Mr. Jiang 310S stainless steel pipe personal resume template 304 stainless steel pipe Tibetan scriptures

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