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UV LED Application Technical Characteristics and Various Applications of UV Optical Solidification

Compared with the traditional UV curing device, the advantages of UVLED are only 800-3000 hours. The LED method can be lit instantly when the ultraviolet is needed, and when duiy = 1/5 (preparation time = 5 irradiation time = 1), the advantage of the LED .. UVLED is compared to the traditional UV curing equipment. 800-3000 hours, the service life of UV LED ultraviolet curing system reaches 20,000-30000 hours. The LED method can be lit instantly when the ultraviolet is needed, and when duiy = 1/5 (preparation time = 5 irradiation time = 1), the service life of the LED method is equivalent to 30-40 times the mercury lamp method. Reduce the time to replace the bulb: improve production efficiency, and at the same time is very energy -saving. When the traditional mercury lamp method curing equipment is working, due to the slow start of mercury lamp and the opening and closing of the light bulb, it must be lit all the time, which not only causes unnecessary power consumption, but also shorten the working life of the mercury lamp work. No heat radiation high -power light emitting diode without infrared rays issued. The surface temperature of the exposure product is below 5 C, while the traditional mercury lamp method of ultraviolet curing machines generally increase the surface of the exposure product of 60-90 C, which displays the positioning of the product, causing the product to be poor. UV-LED curing method is the most suitable for plastic substrate, lens bonding and electronic products, optical fiber optic cables and other thermal and high-precision bonding process requirements. Ultra -strong illuminance uses high -power LED chips and special optical design, which is ultraviolet light reaching high precision and high strength irradiation; ultraviolet light output reaches 4500MW/m2's irradiation intensity. 采用最新的光学技术和制造工艺实现了比传统汞灯照射方式更加优化的高强度输出与均匀性几乎是传统汞灯方式照射光度的2倍使UV粘合剂更快固化缩短了Production time has greatly improved production efficiency. When the traditional mercury lamp method point of light source curing machine increases the irradiation channel, the increase in the channel will cause the output energy of the single irradiation channel to decrease. And using LED -type irradiation, each illuminated head lights independently, the exposure energy is not affected by the increase in the channel, and it is always maintained at the maximum. Because of its super concentrated light degree, compared with mercury lamps, UV LED shorten the time of the operation and improves production efficiency. UVLED optical solid machine application technology characteristic UV optical solid machine has always been solidified by UV glue light used in the optoelectronics industry. Now, as the optical power continues to strengthen and the UV optical solid machine mapping area is not shorter, the UV solid machine is already in the market is already in The skills broke through the application of the photoelectric industry and gradually entered various industries. The heart printing industry was the most individual. Plastic sheet printing has always depended on the screen printing. Due to the limitation of the process of screen printing, it cannot print fine and high -end products. With the introduction of foreign equipment and new skills and new processes, plastic sheet printing no longer depends on silk net printing. In developed areas such as Guangdong, Zhejiang and other printing industries, adhesive printing UV printing is gradually adopted. Excellent craftsmanship with richness, strong three -dimensional sense, colorful color, and accurate multi -color covering, can print exquisite products and are widely welcomed and promoted. For industries such as packaging and other industries, the broad and grand market prospects make a large number of printing manufacturers compete for the introduction of the new skill of rubber printing UV printing. Plastic printing UV printing must be equipped with UV drying devices such as UV -optical fixed machines on the device. Generally, UV -optical fixed machines, UV dryers, UV curing machines and other UV machines are connected to the rubber printer, but the UV drying in the market on the market The efficacy of equipment and other equipment such as machines, UV curing machines does not reach the uV printing process, because the existing UV -optical fixed machines, UV curing machines and other equipment in the market are applied to the silk net printing UV light solid technology in the wire printing industry The core part of the UV -optical fixed machine is the UVLED chip. The UVLED chip is used as a luminous body. Plastic printing UV printing technology begging for UV light solid drying speed must be synchronized with high -speed printing machines, high -speed light solid drying, UVLED light solidification of ultraviolet light can be reflected on the catalyst of the UV ink, Russia can be solidified. It can be said that it can be said that The UVLED optical solid machine can definitely be satisfied with printing. Plastic sheet printing has always depended on the screen printing before, and it cannot be printed and high -level due to the limitation of the process of screen printing. UV -optical curing technology, ultraviolet light curing technology, UV curing technology, has the unparalleled advantages of traditional curing technologies such as inert solvent, short curing time, and low temperature curing. It is called a new generation of green technology. Light curing technology is a kind of energy -saving and environmentally friendly technology. It is currently widely used in coatings, inks, adhesives, printing boards, electronic industries, fine processing and fast molding. Applying the curing technology to the composite material manufacturing process can not only solve some technical problems, but also help automate large -scale modern industrial production, while meeting modern environmental protection requirements. The optical curing technology of resin base composite materials is another new development direction of UV curing technology in recent years. Optical curing technology is used in the field of composite materials different from other fields. Because the parts are thick (several MM or even a few CM), the relationship between the condition and the thickness of the composite of the composite is studied in the study of the curing process conditions and the thickness of the parts. The material optical curing process has great guidance significance. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics uses T20 and 651 two types of light causes, which respectively formulate unsaturated polyester systems with 0.25, 0.5, 1, and 2WT%of the concentration of the trigger. The effect of the concentration of optical reinforcement at the degree of solidification by measuring the micro -hardness analysis of the optical curing sample on. Results show that increasing the concentration of the dagging agent can inhibit the effect of oxygen blocking, but for thicker samples, too high the concentration of the dynamic agent will lead to incomplete solidification. The experiment has studied the effect of the concentration of different light -induced agents on the solidification of the resin system, and determines the curing process of the optical solid resin system. Its advantages are first of all because the upper surface of the resin system is exposed in the air, and the degree of solidification of the upper surface resin is affected by oxygen blocking. In the case of incidental light, increasing the concentration of the cause can relieve the inhibitory effect of oxygen, thereby improving the surface curing quality of the sample; because the ultraviolet light will occur, absorb, and scattering when the ultraviolet light will occur when the resin layer will occur. When the intensity of ultraviolet light and the concentration of the dotter agent remain unchanged, the degree of solidification of each layer (except the surface) is decreasing with the increase of the distance from the surface; Little is used in conventional UV coatings. This is because the concentration of the trigger agent is too large, and the high concentration of free radicals will be produced in the nearly upper surface area of the resin. The light is greatly absorbed and scattered in the upper layer, so that the light strong in the depth of the sample is greatly weakened. Fully solidification; compared to the two causes, it can be seen that the solidification performance of TPO TPO is better than 651. The School of Materials of Wuhan University of Technology studied the influence of light -induced agents and diluents, which has the effects of the universal 191#unsaturated polyester resinurization. The study shows that the types and diluents content of light causes have impact on the speed of solidification and they are affecting the speed of curing. The content of the content is the best value. For 191#unsaturated polyester resin ultraviolet light curing reactions, the types and content of light causes in the curing system, and the content of dilution in the resin affect the curing speed of the system. speed.

UV LED Application Technical Characteristics and Various Applications of UV Optical Solidification 1

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