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3030 Lamp Beads -LeD Lantern Beads Lighting Lit Light Calculation Method

Many LED lighting masters, they pay great attention to LED lamp bead lighting computing. In their LED lamp bead lighting schemes, there will be a considerable part of the simulation calculation of LED lighting design. Moreover, the more complicated the space, the more you need to perform lighting calculations. As a quantitative design method, the illumination calculation is indispensable on most occasions. If there are some errors, it is not difficult to find the necessary illuminance through the LED lamp bead lighting design. Today we will introduce two methods. 1. The LED optical flux method LED lamp beads The optical flux method is mainly used in the equivalence of the LED lighting lamp space, and the calculation average illuminance is used. In addition to the use of open space such as office and factories, in restaurants, restaurants, houses, etc. need to improve In the space of the atmosphere, in order to confirm the approximate degree, it is convenient to use this LED illuminance calculation method. 2. The LED one -point calculation of the calculation of the calculation of the calculation algorithm is used when calculating the actual degree required for local lighting and the key display section. When the LED lamp beads are calculated for the calculation of the light flux method of LED lamp beads, 1 When installing a 100W nude bulb of 500lm, it is assumed that 30 % of the light beam should be directly illuminated on the ground. So how much is the direct illumination on the ground? E = f / a = 1500 * 0.3 / 10 = 45LX Except for the beams that are illuminated on the ground, other beams illuminate the ceiling and wall surface. If the reflectance of the ceiling and the wall is high, the reflection light will be added to the direct illumination of the ground, so the actual illumination is above 45LX or more. Most of the lamps for the basic LED lighting are direct light -equipped down light lighting and mixed lighting lamps of fluorescence lamps, as well as indirect lighting of ceiling tanks such as light glow slots. The illumination calculation of direct light matching, the more the light is affected by the ceiling and wall reflectance. Even if the setting of the room's reflectance is somewhat different, the average illuminance error will be. However, if there are high partition walls and furniture, the calculation results of the shadow part of the shadow deviate from. In addition, the indirect LED lighting of the ceiling must not only be affected by the ceiling surface, but also greatly affected the wall reflectance rate. The distance from the ceiling is different, and the lighting utilization rate will change, so it is difficult to calculate without error. Example: A room with 8m front room, 10m depth, and a net height of 2.4m. In order to make the indoor lighting uniform, 20 pookers lighting A light folds are neatly arranged, and the average on the ground is calculated at this time Photo? (The reflectance of the room is the ceiling: 70 %, the wall: 50 %, the ground: 20 %), the room space index = the opening room * depth / (opening room in -depth) * The height of the light source = 10 * 8 / (10 8) 2. 4 = 1.85, if the room spatial index is roughly taken between 1.5 and 2.0, where the reflectance of the room intersects, the lighting utilization rate is about 0.6. Maintenance rate M, incandescent lamps are 0.7 to 0.9, fluorescent lamps are 0.65 to 0.75, here is 0.8. E = f * n * u * m / a = 1520 * 20 * 0.6 * 0.8 = 180lx Average multiplied by the light of the lamps within the value of H (high light source), which means on the ground or work surface Will not produce uneven light spots. Calculate the illumination of a specific point. Since the local lighting of hanging decoration and lighting lights is used, when calculating the direct horizontal plane strength or vertical surface illumination of a specific point, the illumination can be used to use the point -by -point calculation algorithm one by one. Zhuhai Co., Ltd. is a professional LED lamp bead manufacturer with a number of national patents. The main products include purple light LED, infrared LED lamp beads, ultraviolet LED lamp beads, color LED lamp beads, etc. High temperature resistance, high power. We have 16 years of LED patch experience. The monthly production capacity is about 60 million PCS, and the annual output is about 500 million PCS. It integrates R & D, production and sales.

3030 Lamp Beads -LeD Lantern Beads Lighting Lit Light Calculation Method 1

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