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2835 White Light Patch LED Lamp Beads 7LED Lamp Beads What Are the Major Advantages?

2835 white light patch LED lamp beads 7 -year -old length, small and medium -power LED lamp beads grow rapidly with the period. Lights have become a department that people are not missing in the usual life. Because of the rapid growth of modern lighting, many light strips or neon lights have been used in various types of sky -high ways to use in various ways of luminousness, work and various fashion art. Now, their use is not only lighting, but also the expression of thoughts, but no matter what the use is, there is not a lot of life and work. 12835白光贴片LED灯珠芯片采取年夜功率背镀铝工艺SMD类灯珠独有的垂直式散热底部带散热片芯片直接导通散热片相对3014散热面积更年夜 The heat dissipation is faster and more direct. 2. 2835 white light patch LED lamp beads adopt a whole -side lighting scheme. The glowing surface is rectangular, the light emitting effect is high, and the light emitting area is 9.18mm²It is 2 times that of 3528 lamp beads and 2.5 times that of 3014 lamp beads. 3. 2835 white light patch LED lamp beads have high brightness, a single one can reach 22lm, the brightness is 2.8 times the brightness of 3528 lamp beads, and 1.8 times the 3014 lamp beads. 4. 2835 white light patch LED lamp beads are thinner, and the thickness is only one -half of 3528 lamp beads. The lighting angle is 120 degrees. In terms of product utilization, the light spots are more average and the illumination is wider. 5. 2835 is a new light source at the level. Usually, it is generally errors that reduce the light angle of the 3014 side. It uses the phenomenon of mid -point light source for 3528 lighting. 6. 2835 white light patch LED lamp beads add 10%light transmission, which can adopt 85-95%light transmittance, which can perform special compared with LED fluorescent lamps. 7, 2835 white light patch LED lamp bead extraordinary specifications, which can be used to replace 5050 lamp beads.

2835 White Light Patch LED Lamp Beads 7LED Lamp Beads What Are the Major Advantages? 1

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