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What Material Is the Ceramic 3535 High -power Lamp Bead?

Ceramic 3535 high -power lamp beads are becoming more and more common in our life field. What kind of material is it made of 3535RGB high -power lamp beads and how is it produced? Today, I will give you a science of ceramic 3535 high -power lamp today. Bead material composition. Ceramic high -power lamp beads are composed of ceramic substrates, solid product, chips, gold wire, fluorescent powder (white light), silicone and other main materials. 1. The role of ceramic substrate: ceramic substrate split aluminum aluminum ceramic substrate and aluminum nitride ceramic substrate. The thermal conductivity of aluminum aluminum ceramic substrate is 30W/m*k, -Inned for 1-3W, aluminum nitride ceramic substrate 100 -200W/m*k, -In it for 5W. The role of ceramic substrates: used to conduct electricity, heat dissipation, and connecting. Mainly use ceramic powder to sinter into a ceramic substrate, and then lay copper on the substrate. Nickel plating, copper plating, silver -plated. 2. Solid product bottom gum: Unlike the small power bottom glue, the high -power lamp bead of ceramic 3535, due to high power and high calories, so nano -silver glue and inverted gold tin alloy aid welding agent. The solid crystal primer is the role of fixed chip and conductive. 3. The role of the chip: The chip is the main composition material of LED lamp beads, and it is a glowing semiconductor material. a) The composition of the chip: the chip is a phosphorized (GAP). 镓 aluminum arsenic (Gaalas) or arsenidium arsenidium (GaaS). b) The structure of the product: the chip of the welding single line positive (P/N structure) chip, the dual -line chip. Size unit of chip: MIL. Welding pads of the chip-like gold pads or aluminum pads. Its welding pads are round, square, cross shape, etc. c) The glowing color of the product: the luminous color of the chip depends on the wavelength. The commonly visible light classification is roughly: far red light (700-7400nm). Deep red light (640-660nm). Red light (615-635nm). Amber. Light (600-610nm). Yellow light (580-595nm). Yellow and green light (565-575nm). Pure green light (500-540nm). Color (450-480nm). Purple (360-430nm). 4. Goldline: The high -power lamp chip has two processes: vertical structure and horizontal structure. The vertical structure chip needs to use the gold wire. a) The role of the golden line: connect to the chip PAD (welding pad) and bracket, and enable it to be able to drive. b) The purity of the golden line is 99.99%AU: The extension rate is 2-6%, and the size of the gold thread is: 0.9mil.0mil.1.2mil.1.5mil, etc. 5, fluorescent powder, mainly used to prepare white light color, monochrome light does not need to use fluorescent powder. 6. Dingding glue: mainly used to protect chips and golden lines. The above is an interpretation of the composition of the ceramic 3535 high -power lamp bead material. If you want to know more about LED technology, please continue to pay attention to us. If you need LED lamps, you can contact our official online customer service! Zhuhai City Co., Ltd., as the creator of the green lighting source, has 16 years of patch LED R & D and production experience, adhering to the concept of perfect quality, excellence, adopt high -end raw materials in the packaging process, strict control control procedures, and strengthen trust implementation. All aspects of simulation customers use conditions for experiments, and strive to make quality at the same price level. The company's main non -standard products have accumulated rich experience in glowing, high temperature resistance, long feet, anti -decaying, high finger, and mixed colors. The main products include infrared LED, ultraviolet LED and patch LED. Welcome new and old customers to come!

What Material Is the Ceramic 3535 High -power Lamp Bead? 1

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