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What LED Light Source Module Types Are There in the Market

What are the classifications of LED light source modules? According to the color type, it can be divided into three types: monochrome, colorful, and full -color single -point control. Monochrome is a single color module. Generally, there are red, green, yellow, white, etc. are more commonly used; colorful LED light source modules It is a module product that is transformed by seven different colors. It has more colors and more variable; compared with colorful LED light source modules is richer, it can achieve full -time color changes, not only very beautiful, only very beautiful, only very beautiful, only very beautiful. And full of dynamics, it can also be more attractive. According to the power of a single LED, it can be divided into three types: small power (less than 0.3W), medium power (0.3-0.5W), and high power (1W and above). Modules with high power are higher than small power in brightness in brightness in brightness. , And longer, it is the development trend of the entire LED lighting in the future, and it is more practical. According to sealing, it can be divided into two types: waterproof and non -waterproof. Waterproof and non -waterproof modules are mainly distinguished by the application environment. Generally, waterproof LED modules can be used for outdoor lighting and promotion. The waterproof module is mainly used in the room more. Of course, waterproof modules are higher than waterproof in price. According to the shape of the LED, the LED module is divided into: direct -inserted LED module, 食 食 食 LED module, patch LED light source module. The LED light source module requires that the voltage of the LED ranges from 2-9V, and the power also has a wide range. Which LED is used to depend on the technical requirements of this module as a product. For example, this LED module needs to output 10LM light. It is better to use two LEDs in the appearance. You can choose a 5LM LED. Combining color (LED voltage is related to color), temperature, quality and other factors, you can find a suitable product LED. Instructions for the use of LED light source modules I. At this stage, the light source of the light is mainly used in the LED three lamps, five lights, and six lamps with the input voltage of the light. The output DC12V is the power supply, so if you don't install the switch power supply when installing the luminous characters, do not put the light -emitted or LED light source module directly into the market to communicate with 220V. Otherwise, the LED light source module will burn out due. 2. In order to avoid the long -term load work of the switching power supply, the switching power supply and LED load power better is 1: 0.8, and the service life of the product will be more secure and long -lasting according to this. Third, if the module exceeds 25 groups, it should be connected separately, and then connects to the light -emitting box in parallel from high -quality copper core wires greater than 1.5 square millimeters. Properly increase the line diameter. In order to avoid short circuits, the end of the module must be cut and paste. If necessary, use a self -attack screw to fix the outdoor use of outdoor use, Brightness. LED light source module distance visual brightness requires between 3 and 6cm, the thickness of the word can be selected between 5 and 15cm. There are two types of LED light for luminous characters: Mermaid and small straw hat. Earnian light module is suitable for the glowing characters between 8-15cm height between the wall wall?. Fifth, in the process of using the light -emitting LED light source module, be sure to pay attention to the problem of voltage drop. Never do only one loop, from the first series of connecting tail. This will not only make the brightness inconsistent due to the different voltage between the first and tails, but also the problem of excessive single -circuit current burning the circuit board. The correct approach is to connect as much as possible to ensure that the voltage and current distribution is reasonable. 6. For the inside of the word cavity, if you need to use anticorrosive materials, it is recommended to use white primer to increase its reflection coefficient. The above is the classification of the LED light source module, as well as the requirements of the LED light source module and instructions!

What LED Light Source Module Types Are There in the Market 1

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