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What Are the Main Fields of Deep Ultraviolet LED Lamp Beads?

What are the main fields of deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads? Now, the deep ultraviolet LED lamp bead market has gradually entered our vision, and some companies have gradually participated in to discuss, improve, and use UVLED ultraviolet lights. For the general public, the ultraviolet rays of appropriate wavelength are also the light waves needed by our human body. So today we know what areas can be used in ultra -ultraviolet rays after all! The so -called ultraviolet (Ultraviolet Rays/abbreviated UV) refers to the visual light (red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple), and the naked eye other than purple. It is also called UV light, called UV for short in English. Ultraviolet rays are the general name of the wavelength of electromagnetic spectrum from 10nm to 400nm radiation. According to the different wavelengths, the ultraviolet dividends are usually divided into three bands: A, B, and C, as follows: UVA is 400-315 nm, UVB is 315-280 nm, UVC is 280 100 nm. The corresponding wavelength is different, the detailed use is different. As shown in FIG. The typical use of UVA bands is ultraviolet curing and UV inkjet printing, which represents the wavelength of 395nm and 365nm. It is widely used in pricers in printing, packaging, advertising, building materials, decoration, electronics, appliances, fiber optic, and automobiles. Starting in the field of solidification, gradually replacing traditional ultraviolet light sources, on the basis of energy saving and environmental protection, and reducing consumables, it can quickly and quickly complete the solidification of UV ink or ultraviolet glue, which greatly improves production power. Several professional associations have now been established in the world, such as The UV-LED Curing Association and the World Cross-UV Association (The International LED-UV Association), and helps accelerate career-related specifications to speed up. Development of UV LED, teaching and training of seminars, integrators, and end customers, development and environment -friendly ultraviolet LED solidification and printing skills. UVA band products are also widely used in the anti -counterfeiting testing and public damage treatment of coins (such as eliminating the carcinogenic gem mold of agricultural products such as peanuts, corn, soybeans). One of the main use of UVB band is skin disease treatment, that is, ultraviolet phototherapy. Scientists have found that ultraviolet rays with wavelengths at 310nm have a intense dark spots effect on the skin, which can accelerate the newness of the skin, improve the growth of the skin, and then use the treatment of white spot disease, rose pityriasis, polymorphic rashes, and slow opticalization. Corticitis, light prurostic rash and other light skin diseases, UVLED supply network uvled.gdledw.com hard skin disease, chorus granuloma, paranomin, itching, alopecia areata, flat moss, palm -ah pustular disease, transplants resistance Owner disease and other diseases, so in the medical profession, ultraviolet phototherapy is now increasing. Compared with traditional light sources, UV-LED's spectrum line is pure and can ensure the treatment effect to the greatest extent. The UVB band can also be used in the health care category. The illumination of the UVB band can lead to the optical chemistry and photoelectric response of the human body, so that the skin produces a variety of active substances. In addition, there are already discussions that the UVB band can accelerate the production of polyphenols in certain leafy vegetables (such as red lettuce). These polyphenols are proclaimed to have anti -cancer, anti -cancer dispersion, and anti -cancer mutation and other properties. Due to the short wavelength and high energy of UVC bands, the DNA (deoxyuraotal nucleoic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) of the microbial body (bacterial, virus, virus, spores) can be damaged in a short period of time. , Bacteria virus loses its self -imitation talent, so UVC bands can be widely used in sterilization and disinfection of such as water, air, etc. Because the UV-LED has a small-volume advantage, it can be supported as a set of light sources of a set of UV (ultraviolet) sterilization equipment. It is suitable for the pre-packaging process of various types of commodity flowing work of various shape structures and various raw materials; the supporting facilities are used as indoor air UV (UV) light source of the sterilization machine: suitable for indoor air sterilization and disinfection for indoor air such as home, public places;. In addition, because the UVC band is attributed to daily blind ultraviolet bands, there are also main use in military, such as short -distance ultraviolet confidential communication, ultraviolet alarm skills, etc.

What Are the Main Fields of Deep Ultraviolet LED Lamp Beads? 1

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