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What Are the Advantages of the LED Ball Bubble Lamp?

In recent years, the LED market has risen, but in recent years, various situations have been frequent, and the market has been suffering from smoke. Now, with the maturity of LED lamps, the market has begun to change. Today, I will introduce the principles and characteristics of the new LED bubble lamp. LED ball bubbles are new energy -saving lamps that replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent lamps (tungsten filament lamps) consume high energy and short life. Under the environment of tight resources around the world, it has been gradually banned by governments of various countries. However, due to the use of many heavy metal elements that pollute the environment, it is also contrary to the general trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology, LED lighting has gradually become the best choice for new green lighting. LED is far better than traditional lighting products at the level of luminous principle, energy saving and environmental protection. It is convenient for installation and use. Because incandescent lamps and electronic energy -saving lights still occupy a very high proportion in peoples daily use. In order to reduce waste, LED lighting manufacturers must develop LED lighting products that meet existing interfaces and people's habits, so that people are in You can use the new generation of LED lighting products without the need to replace the original traditional lamp base and line. So the LED ball bubble lamp came into being. The LED ball bubbles use the existing interface method, namely the screw port, the socket method (E26E27E14B22, etc.), and even in order to meet the habits of people's use. Based on LED's one -way luminous principle, the designer has changed the lamp structure to make the light curve of the LED bubble lamp is basically the same as the dot -lighting of the incandescent lamp. Based on the luminous characteristics of LED, the structure of the LED ball bubble light should be relatively complicated, and it is basically divided into light sources, driving circuits, and heat dissipation devices. These parts of these parts can create low energy consumption, long life, highlights and environmentally friendly LED ball bubbles Lamp products. Therefore, LED lighting products are still high -tech lighting products with high technology content. Product characteristics 1. Convenience can directly replace energy -saving lamps and ordinary light bulb products with the same E27, E14, GU10 and B22 interfaces. No need to make any changes, no need to use any technical personnel or professionals to read our instructions in detail in detail in description of our use instructions. , DIY can easily be replaced from ordinary lighting to LED lighting. 2. Safety ordinary energy-saving lamps will be around 60-80 C when working, and the temperature of ordinary incandescent lamps (80-120 C) will be burned. The LED ball bubbles use LED2835 lamp beads as a light source, with a professional heat dissipation structure. The temperature is very low (40-60 C) at work. The material of energy -saving lamps and ordinary bulb products is used in glass. It is easy to break through the collision with hard objects, causing permanent damage and unavailable. Bubbles use professional designed shells, and the shell materials use PC materials/acrylic die casting. The LEDs of the light source part use special materials for earthquake resistance and falling. Lee -lens technology), and its lampshade is an acrylic material, even if it is broken, it is not easy to cause cutting. 3. Energy-saving ordinary light bulb power ranges from 20W-100W, and energy-saving lamp power ranges from 5W-65W. Bubbles use LED as a light source, and the power can be replaced with a 15W-100W ordinary light bulb and 5W-50W energy-saving light for 15W-100W. It can be seen that the power ratio of LED ball bubbles and ordinary light bulbs and energy -saving lamps can reach 1:10. Ordinary bulbs and energy-saving lamps are very high (80-120 C) when using energy-saving lamps, and the spectrum of energy-saving lights contains IR (infrared). The content of ordinary light bulbs is higher, and a large amount of environmental temperature will increase significantly. If it is in summer, it will be in summer. It obviously increases the workload and time of refrigeration equipment. The end result is the increase in power consumption consumption. The bubbles use LED as a light source, while the spectrum of LED glowing does not have IR (infrared) components, and the overall structure adopts a professional designed heat dissipation structure. The temperature during normal work is only 40-60 C. The temperature generated by ordinary light bulbs and energy -saving lamps is lower. If it is in summer, the workload and time of the refrigeration equipment are significantly reduced, and the difference between the use power (1:10) is combined with the power consumption. Save expenditure, and finally reflected the energy saving of the bubbles. 4. Environmental protection ordinary light bulbs and energy -saving lamps will generate a large amount of IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) radiation at work. In addition, the lamp inside is filled with inert gas. During the production process and the use of mercury and other harmful gases and material pollution after use, it will also have a certain impact on the environment when crushing damage. Bubbles use LED as a light source. When LED works, there is no IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) radiation at all. And the LED light source used in this product does not have any filling gases, and there is no crushing damage, which will not have a bad effect on the environment. This reflects its environmental protection side. 5. Healthy ordinary light bulbs and energy -saving lamps are radiating with IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) radiation due to the spectrum at work. Especially the preservation time of meat, sushi, etc.), which affects its nutritional value. 5.2, UV radiation, long -term exposure to light sources containing its ingredients, the color of the items that it is illuminated will turn white, like clothes, pearls, clock surfaces, crafts, paintings, etc. Because the spectrum at the time of work does not have IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) radiation, it has no bad effect on health during use. 6. The short -response time The general energy -saving lighting will change due to the changes in the environmental temperature. The normal working temperature is between 20 and 40 degrees, and the stable brightness in winter (at low temperature) needs to work for 5 6 minutes. All lamps are working normally than warm environments in the cold environment, and the light is darker, or it is accompanied by flashing phenomena. Only with the rise of the temperature, the temperature will gradually make the temperature at -35 C-80 C, so so Generally, no need to consider its working environment temperature. 7. Lifetime and energy -saving lights of ordinary light bulbs and energy -saving lamps are 1,000 hours and 8000 hours (calculated 4 hours a day); the LED light source life of the bubbles is 50,000 hours (calculated 24 hours a day)

What Are the Advantages of the LED Ball Bubble Lamp? 1

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