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[UVLED CICS] Tianhui's UVLED CITC Has Some Advantages

The UVLED furnace is also called LEDUV curing furnace, UVLED oven, or UVLED curing box. Here "UVLED" is an English abbreviation for LED ultraviolet rays. UV curing generally requires the curing conditions or requirements of ultraviolet curing coatings (paint), adhesive (glue) or other seal sealing agents. The role and advantages of UVLED furnace equipment 1. The difference between UVLED light sources and traditional high -pressure mercury light curing equipment A: The UV light generated by traditional curing machines looks bright and the calories are very high. In fact, its spectrum is very wide. A certain ultraviolet spectrum segment of an effective solidification only occupies a part of its energy, and a considerable part of the visible light segment (miscellaneous) and generate heat, which is severely damaged to the operator and easily deforms the heat of the processing workpiece. B: The UVLED light sources in the UVLED furnace emit a high -purity single -wave length ultraviolet light, which belongs to the cold light source; the temperature of the workpiece is only about 3 degrees, the processing parts will not be deformed, and its energy is highly concentrated in an ultraviolet spectrum with effective solidification. Diversion, the actual use effect and light 1000-2000MW high-pressure mercury lamp curing effects are comparable, shortening the curing time to 0.5s. 2. UVLED furnace greatly reduces production costs A: Due to the use of LED lighting methods, life expectancy is 20000 long. Energy -saving design is used for more than hours (continuous ignition life), which can only be lit when it is needed, low power consumption, and power: about 50W. B: The UVLED furnace body is small and light, which can easily integrate it into the automatic assembly process, or use it as a complete desktop system. C: The LED irradiation head used in the UVLED furnace is controlled by the computer. You can choose manual or automatic control operations according to actual needs, and set the time required for light irradiation (accurate to 0.01s) to further support high -precision joint needs to reduce humanity Operation time error. If you have similar craftsmanship, contact Tianhui!

[UVLED CICS] Tianhui's UVLED CITC Has Some Advantages 1

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