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UVLED CICF Maintenance Tips Structure

Last time, I shared with you [UVLED CICS maintenance tips]. It is said that the basic abnormal phenomenon and solution that UVLED curing machines will appear during daily use. The maintenance skills of the curing machine can allow you to prevent problems that may occur in advance before buying a UVLED curing machine and save your worries! The structure of the UVLED curing machine plays a key role in the entire device, not only the difference between the beauty and the unsightlyness. Tianhui's UVLED curing machine is different from other manufacturers, because Tianhui has always designed and produced UVLED curing machines as precision instrument levels, and strives for details. Even a screw Is reliable and brought about whether the structure is beautiful, etc. The structure of the UVLED curing machine determines the cooling level and service life of this machine on Chengdu. Unreasonable structure or obvious design defects will cause UVLED curing machines to appear abnormal or extinguishing lights from time to time during daily use. So how can we get a more reasonable structure? When the structure of the UVLED curing machine is designed, it is necessary to consider the problems of heat dissipation, optics, and circuit wiring according to the needs of the customer: 1> heat dissipation, the [UVLED curing machine maintenance tips] mentioned last time There are detailed introductions and instructions in it. You can take a closer look, or consult TIANHUI directly; 2> Optical issues, Tianhui sees many UVLED curing machine manufacturers when designing. Optics is one of the most important core parameters of the UVLED curing machine. Everything else is considering this. Whether the optical light brought by structural design will be an important indicator of the UVLED curing machine assessment. In the original, Tianhui understands the customer's needs. After the structure, optical lens, etc., after meeting the customer's needs, it obtains a higher light source radiation degree and reasonable light source uniformity. This is important. This is very important. 3> Circuit problems, each machine of Tianhui has a special routing area. This is because Tianhui does not want to be an abnormal or safety hazard in the UVLED curing machine that is assembled because of structure or personnel differentiation. The principle of tianhui wiring is the shortest line distance, optimal line method, and the best line structure! The above is the [UVLED curing machine maintenance tips] structure that brings you this issue. Later, Tianhui will bring you other tips for daily maintenance and maintenance. Welcome everyone to refer to reference! For more maintenance tips, you can also contact Tianhui in the following ways. Tianhui will definitely know everything! Tianhui Zhuhai Headquarters Contact: Manager Li Movement: 13602666094 Contact: Manager Liu: 18811880519tianhui East China Office (guest from East China, North China, please contact) Contact: 13048834002 1536107848

UVLED CICF Maintenance Tips Structure 1

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