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[Temperature] the Problem of Temperature Rise When It Is Irradiated by Ultraviolet Rays

Recently, TIANHUI business personnel (WeChat: Uvled13048834002) received some customers' consultation on the surface temperature of the subject. Regarding the problem of rising temperature of the ejaculation, more than one customer has paid attention to it. In view of Tianhui's experience of so many years of experience, here is a discussion and summary of it, and put forward the corresponding solutions for your reference. We have a certain amount of energy to shine the head out of the head. When the light is on the working surface, because the energy is absorbed by the working surface, it will cause the working surface temperature to rise. In the outlet that causes the rising temperature of the working surface, the ultraviolet light (invisible) of the effective working section, also visible light, and also contain a small amount of infrared radiation. In the light of the UVLED radiation head, as long as the heat dissipation is up to the standard, the energy of infrared radiation is very small, which can be ignored. In other words, the main energy source of our UVLED radiation leading to the rising temperature of the working surface is the invisible ultraviolet rays and visible light. Among them, ultraviolet rays are effective light for our work, and its radiation energy is the energy measured by our energy meter. In theory, the higher his energy, the better the performance of the UVLED radiation head, and the stronger the ability to increase the temperature of the working surface at the same time, the stronger. The other is the visible light. The visible light is useless for our UVLED radiation head. Considering that it also contains high energy, it is harmful to the working surface control temperature, because it will cause the working surface temperature Further rise. That is to say, the energy that causes the temperature of the working surface to rise is the measurement of the measured ultraviolet light and the invisible light energy that is not measured, not just the energy measured by the energy meter. So good, we know the source of energy that causes the working surface to rise. Now I will tell you how to control the temperature. In fact, energy is not the only reason to determine the temperature rise. For example, everyone understands. If we use a 1000W water heater to heat a cup of 100ml of water, it may be 100 degrees of water temperature in less than 1 minute; the same 1000W water heater is used to heat a barrel of 100L of water. Okay, here involves the hot capacity of an object. Take the actual situation of our irradiation head, for example, our 100*100 irradiation head, which tests the ultraviolet energy of about 0.4w/cm2. Its light energy is about 0.475W/cm2 (Verification method see instructions 1). If you use such an irradiation head to illuminate a thin plate with a thickness of only 0.1mm thick and the irradiation time is 10 seconds, then the temperature of this thin plate will be very high, even higher than 200 degrees (see the method of viewing instructions 2). If it is an ordinary aluminum plate with 1mm thick, then the temperature of this aluminum plate may only be 40 or 50 degrees. If the thickness of the aluminum plate is very thick, you can't even feel the temperature rises. In summary, the temperature influence factors of the working surface include the following aspects: 1. Delivery energy (positive temperature rising factors, linear) 1. UV irradiation intensity (test energy) 2. Visible light intensity (with the enhancement of ultraviolet line strength and strive to be strong) Second, the area of the work surface material unit area (reverse temperature increase factors, linear) 1. Material density 2. Material ratio of heat capacity 3. Material thickness or shape 3. Delivery time (forward temperature rising factor, non -linear, limited by equilibrium) is mainly the main thing is the main thing). Continuous total illumination time on a certain side of the yuan 4. Other 1. External environment 2. Product surface reflection 3. Material black (non -color, partial reflection in color) 4. Whether there is auxiliary heat dissipation measures, etc., the above -mentioned influencing factors are based on the above -mentioned factors. Refer to the following situation to provide suggestions. 1. If it is determined to be made of a thin plate (film), and there is no external and assisting heat dissipation measures, the working environment is open. Provide the following suggestions: 1. Add auxiliary heat dissipation devices to the accessories of the working face, such as a fan, etc., cool down the working surface; Effects; 3. If the above two can not be achieved, you can add a thick metal plate under the work surface as the heat sink to increase the heat capacity. The metal board must have the conditions to be in good contact with the working surface; If you are not feasible, please design a specialized heat dissipation channel for professional engineering personnel. Second, if the working surface is a non -thin plate (film) material, the reaction surface temperature is too high, you can contact Tianhui professional engineering personnel to inspect the on -site inspection to give reasonable opinions and suggestions! If you want to know more about the temperature rise of the subject and the estimated methods mentioned in this article, you can get in touch with our Tianhui! Contact: WeChat UVLED13048834002

[Temperature] the Problem of Temperature Rise When It Is Irradiated by Ultraviolet Rays 1

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