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How to Buy 3030LED Lamp Beads-buy 0603LED Lamp Beads

How to buy 3030LED lamp beads-Buy 0603LED Lighting Bead Technology Co., Ltd. has a batch of reliable technical personnel and high-quality manufacturers. The modern management system and mature production equipment are the production, operation, sales and service of 3030LED lamp beads in the company. A reliable guarantee is provided. Science and technology“Safety, stability, innovation”For product design principles, dedicated to the research and development and production of high -grade 3030LED lamp products in LED, is widely used in outdoor lighting sources, indoor lighting sources, toys, small appliances indicators, car turning lights, Bluetooth audio, digital clocks, traffic, traffic Signal lamp. How to buy 3030LED lamp beads-buy 0603LED lamp beads. Technology Co., Ltd. is located, with excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. It is a reliable manufacturer of 3030LED lamp beads. The company focuses on the production and sales of various high -quality LED products and related supporting facilities. It has mature production equipment, exquisite craftsmanship, standardized scientific management, and quality products to be recognized by the market. It has continuously developed and grows. It has become the LED product industry. Li's emerging enterprise. 3030LED lamp beads are a relatively commonly used small -size luminous source lamp bead. It is the same as 5050LED lamp beads. Most of them are used in various lamp light sources, point light sources, lamp bands and other products. The common models of 3030LED lamp beads are white, so how to buy 3030LED lamp beads? The luminous intensity of 3030LED lamp beads can determine the power and voltage of the product, and the quality and size of the light -emitting chip are also related to the light emitting intensity. Therefore, when buying 3030LED lamp beads, pay attention to how the luminous strength of the 3030LED lamp beads should. Generally, 3030LED lamp beads have the characteristics of high brightness, low light aging, stable performance, and long service life. If the brightness of the 3030LED lamp beads is not high, then its chip quality may be inferior, the service life is not long, it is easy Dead lamp conditions; the color temperature difference between the 3030LED lamp beads purchased should be small, otherwise a large number of 3030LED lamp beads gathered together and the color of the time is not uniform, and some white and some yellowish conditions appear. How to buy 3030LED lamp beads-buy 0603LED lamp beads. 5050 Phantom LED Lighting Pearl Features: 1. Little power consumption: LED with a light effect of 75LM/W is reduced by 80%than incandescent lights with the same brightness; 2. Life span: product life is 50,000 hours, 24小时连续点亮可用7年3纳秒级的响应速度使亮度和色彩的动态控制变得容易可实现色彩动态变化和数字化控制4设计空间大可实现与建筑的有机融合达到I only see the effect of the light not to see the lights. 5. Environmental protection: no harmful metal mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation. 6. Color: Different wavelengths produce different color light, bright saturation, no filtering filter, and can be used to form a variety of different colors after controlling the three primary colors of red, green, and blue, which can achieve various color change effects such as full color gradient due to the advantages of 5050 patch LED parameters advantages. It is often used by people to develop civilian and energy -saving lamps in China. Car is used as a instrument board, LED light belt, mobile phones use backlight and keys, instrument and equipment control backlight and requires small -volume LED products, LED backlight, switch and logo plane needs Backlight, Call information display, flash, car, audio, indoor display, lighting design lamp company market. As a 5050 Phantom LED Lighting Bead wholesaler, Technology Co., Ltd. has mature LED packaging technology, which can provide customers with highlights, high brightness, low light decay, and good consistency. In the LED field, it has continuously achieved huge breakthroughs, and continuously upgraded and optimized and improved in terms of product characteristics and detail control. It laid a solid foundation for high -quality and high -quality products and services. With the development of science and technology, there are many forms of LED lamp beads. There are many types of packaging in LED lamp beads, including pins packaging, surface assembly chip packaging, direct chip -type chip -type packaging, system packaging packaging packaging. Recommend 5050 Phantom LED lamp beads, a white -light chip is added based on the conventional 5050RGB, which has two pins more than the conventional 5050RGB. At the same time RGBW) Four colors are encapsulated inside a LED lamp bead. The disadvantage of the low brightness of conventional RGB lamp beads is not high, and the height of 5050RGBW lamp beads is achieved. 5050 Phantom LED Lighting Display Main features: 1. Intelligent anti -connection protection, power supply reverse will not damage IC. 2.IC control circuit and LED point light source public power supply. 3. Control circuit and RGB chip integrated in a 5050 packaging component, forming a complete external control pixel. 4. Built -in signal plastic surgery circuit, any pixel point receives the signal and outputs through waveform plastic surgery to ensure that the line waveform distortion of the line will not be accumulated. 5. Built -in -powering and power -off reset circuit. Creation is the goal of technology, advocate“Popularize low -carbon environmental protection, light up beautiful homes”A beautiful vision to protect the healthy living environment of human beings. To this end, technology has continuously promoted the research and development and application of mature lighting technology, bringing environmental protection and effective 3030LED lamp beads to the masses, and practicing beliefs and commitments. The above is a detailed information about how to buy 3030LED lamp beads, 3030LED lamp bead supply manufacturers, buying 0603LED lamp beads, 3030LED lamp beads. If you have any questions, please call to contact you.

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