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Features and Development of UV LED Light Sources

UV LED light source, which is the abbreviation of ultraviolet light emitting diode. From the perspective of human health and environmental impact, we can divide the purple light according to the wavelength of the wavelength: UV (purple light): visible light purple light (400-420nm) ) UVA (315 400nm), also known as long wave purple light or "black light". .. UV LED light sources, that is, the abbreviation of ultraviolet light emitting diode. From the perspective of human health and environmental impact, we can divide the purple light according to the wavelength. 400-420nm) UVA (315 400nm), also known as long wave purple or "black light". UVB (280 315nm), also known as Middle waves purple light. UVC (200 280nm), also known as short -wave purple light or sterilization purple light. UVD: Vacuum UV (100-200nm) Sunlight contains UVA, UVB, and UVC's ultraviolet light in three bands, but due to the absorption of ozone layers in the air, 99%of the UV light on the ground is in the UVA band in the UVA band. UV LED generally refers to LEDs below 400nm in the center of light, but sometimes it is called near ultraviolet LED when the glowing wave is greater than 380nm, and when it is shorter than 300nm. UV LED (UV LED) is mainly used in the fields of biomedical, anti -counterfeiting identification, purification (water, air, etc.), computer data storage and military. And with the development of technology, new applications will continue to appear to replace the original technology and products. UV LEDs have a broad market application prospect. For example, UV LED phototherapy instruments are very popular medical devices in the future, but the current technology is still in the current in the future. Growth period. UV LED is receiving widespread attention from lighting equipment manufacturers and LCD display manufacturers. Because by using ultraviolet light and converting ultraviolet light into red, green, and blue fluorescent materials, it is possible to achieve a white LED with strong color reproduction. At present, most of the commercially available white LEDs use blue LEDs and fluorescent material materials that convert blue light into yellow light. The red light components are weak. When it is illuminating the white light on the red material, it will show a weak orange. If you want to use it for a backlight, you have to find a way on the color filter. But if it is ultraviolet LED, you can solve these problems. However, because the light -emitting efficiency of ultraviolet LED is about half lower than that of blue LED products, the brightness has become a major topic of ultraviolet LED.

Features and Development of UV LED Light Sources 1

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