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Card Making Industry UVLED CITS Plastic Printing

1. Use the UVLED ink UVLED ink as the optical absorption ink, because many cards need to cover the membrane layer, the function of itself is particularly important. The hub mainly has the following points: 1. It needs high temperature and high pressure to resist, and the high temperature and high pressure of the layer press are not changed. 2. The adhesion between the plastic film is large, and. 3. In addition to the quality indicators of the ink itself, it must be matched with the printed UVLED light wave length. 4. Try to choose the yellow and red of the size of the hue. Green ink. In addition, when the special color ink is prepared, try to choose the ink with low viscosity and good activity. 2. UVLED optical curing system UVLED light source is a green, environmentally friendly, and energy -saving curing system. It can not only reduce costs for enterprises, but also improve work efficiency to the maximum extent. There is a photocatalyst in the UVLED ink. Only when the wavelength of the light catalyst is required by the corresponding optical source, can it be solidified in a short period of time. At the wavelength of 395nm, the ink light catalyst is the easiest to absorb, so the UVLED optical curing machine must be 395nm, and the light degree is 16W/CM^2 or more. 3. Use a special printing version of the special printing version of the dedicated printing version of UVLED adhesive. It does not need to protect the glue when it is stopped halfway. The old version can be used again, and it is very suitable for the transfer of UVLED ink. Can reach 2%of the outlets are not lost, 98%of outlets can be distinguished. Considering the cost of printing, for short editions with smaller batches, the text can be appropriately used in the normal version, but the film is very easy to wear. Pay more attention when printing. 4. Mulberry and lining to ensure the optimal metastasis and dot reduction of UVLED inks. It is best to use air cushion rubber cloth, because it has good acid resistance and oil resistance. Hydrophstics and good ink transmission machines can ensure that the outlets are minimal during printing, the printing graphics is clear, the high -profile sector has good reproducibility, the printing version is small. 5.PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Sheet PVC and other pieces are divided into light and sub -light surfaces. The light surface is relatively flat, and the sub -light surface is relatively busy. Choosing the printing surface is important. It can avoid many print quality problems. Usually, the sub -light surface of PVC and other pieces of sheets is used as the printing surface to ensure that it does not pull hair or outlets when printing ink printing. In addition, the pressure of printing pressure is appropriately increased by 0.02 0.05mm. 6. Car washing water and rubber cloth cleaning agent used in the auxiliary material UVLED rubber printing. Special products are best to use clean version of liquid, which is for UVLED ink rollers. The service life and function of UVLED rubber cloth and UVLED printing version are particularly important. Although the cost will be higher, it can be flexibly used according to the actual situation. Ensure that the ink roller is cleaned once every week; clean the rubber cloth with a special response agent at the time of shutdown, which can ensure the effective elasticity of the rubber cloth, but also to ensure that the color is consistent in balance when re -booting and avoid color differences. Zhuhai TIANHUI Technology Development Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and producing UVLED optical curing equipment, small UV curing machines, UVLED dot light sources, UVLED line light sources, UVLED surface light sources, UVLED optical solidifiers. Comprehensive high -tech enterprise. Get the latest UVLED industry information, please go to Tianhui official website http:////

Card Making Industry UVLED CITS Plastic Printing 1

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