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[Botanical Factory] UVLED Application in Plant Factories

According to Liu Wenke of the Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the accumulation of self -toxic substances in the closed -end soilless cultivation, while the ultraviolet light catalytic degradation of the root secretions and rice shell degradation in the nutritional solution of the nutrient solution Products, solar light contains only 3%of ultraviolet light and facility coverage materials such as glass filtering by more than 60%, and cannot be applied in facilities; the low temperature widow photos of the vegetables in the anti -season of vegetables make it low and poor stability, and cannot meet the facility vegetable factory Demand for production. Countries around the world are actively studying the feasibility of using UVLED as a group training light source. In terms of monochrome light on the cultivation of seedlings, research has found that red light UVLED can promote the growth of seedlings in orchid groups, but the chlorophyll content, stems and roots are slightly lower than the fluorescent lamp than fluorescent lamps. Change the light quality by using UVLED to supplement monochrome red light or far red light, and then control the length and growth of potato groups to cultivate seedlings. Studies believe that the excessive extension of the fry stems in the red light UVLED and the chrysanthemum group causes the stem and poles to be fragile, and other important indicators have also decreased. Generally, it is not conducive to the normal growth and development of the plant. The main reason is that monochrome red light has led to the unbalanced distribution of light energy available in the system, which inhibits the growth of the stems. Studies have found that all genomocal grape group cultivation of grape groups under the process of pure red light UVLED is significantly longer than the fluorescent lamp treatment, but the chlorophyll content and the number of leaf pores are based on monochrome Blu -ray UVLED, red red, red red, red red, red red, red red, red red, red red, red red, red red, red red, red, red, red, red UVLED. Light UVLED processing is the lowest. This shows that the height of the plant plant is directly related to the root ratio. The red light of the long wavelength is necessary for the built -up of the grape root. Detailed information description Welcome to log in.

[Botanical Factory] UVLED Application in Plant Factories 1

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