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2828COB Light Source Difference

LED patch lamp beads are made of FPC circuit board, LED lights, and high -quality silicone sleeves. Waterproof performance, use low -voltage DC power supply safety, convenient color, diverse color, bright colors; outdoor use can resist UV aging, LED panel lights can design different shapes, different light sources, integrated panel lights according to people's needs, why is this why is this? There will be so many restaurants' panel lights so special reasons. 2828COB Light Source Since 2009, in order to break through the monopoly of foreign manufacturers for the field, Xiong Daxi led the team with the strong support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu, Suzhou, and high -tech zones, focusing on the development and industrialization of special LED light sources. The LED light source R & D design and manufacturing technology focuses on research and development and piercing another way, and has achieved major breakthroughs. Life long: LED light source is a new type of electro-optic source. Its working principle is completely different from other existing electro-optical sources. The conversion mechanism is electronics-floor-to-hole composite, belonging to the type of cold light source (non-electrode heating out of light). The LED light source structure is simple, the luminous body is a solid alloy body, coupled with its very small volume, a single LED power, a significant heating, and no problem of fire. LED's service life is significantly higher than the fluorescent lamp tube, which is of great value for reducing maintenance costs. The advantages of yellowing and anti -high temperature, this product is widely used in the field of building contour lights, accurate decoration lighting in entertainment venues, and advertising decoration lighting lighting. Below Shenzhen LED Patch Lighting Bead Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the characteristics of LED patch lamp beads: high brightness: LED's spectrum is almost all concentrated in visible light bands. We shoot the light of LED street lights into the area where the light is needed, which can make the light more efficient. In many places, they are willing to choose to use LED street lights. LED street lights have a long service life. After 10 years of use, LED street lights still have high use value. They are not as good as 3% in the process of continuous use of one year. The light -emitting diodes of LED street lights are a low -voltage device, which is safe to use voltage. Cob package“COB light source module→LED lamps”, You can directly encapsulate multiple chips on MCPCB on the metal -based printing circuit board, and directly dissipate the heat through the substrate to save LED packaging costs, light engine module production costs, and secondary lighting costs. In terms of performance, through reasonable design and microscopy, the COB light source module can effectively avoid the disadvantages of light and glare exist in the combination of separation light source devices; it can also effectively improve the color of the light source by adding appropriate red chip combinations sex. 2828COB's light source efficiency can reach 80 % to 90 %, while the visible light efficiency of incandescent lamps is only 10 %. LED's visible light theoretical limit efficiency can reach at least 500lm/W, which has a huge energy -saving potential. Select this free LED light source, COB light source can be simply understood as high -power integrated surface light sources. You can design the light area and shape size of the light source according to the product's shape structure. The color rendering index of sunlight is defined as 100, and the color rendering index of incandescent lamps is very close to the sunlight, so it is regarded as an ideal benchmark light source. This system is tested with 8 -chroma medium and medium -sized standard color samples. Compared with the degree of deviation (Deviation) in the test light source and the same color temperature, to measure the color rendering index of the light source, take the average deviation value value RA20-100, with 100 as the highest, the larger the average color difference, the lower the RA value. Light sources below 20 are usually not suitable for general use. LED transient light effect refers to the lighting efficiency of the LED light source when starting to work, also known as the initial cold -state light effect. It is the instantaneous optical flux measured by a certain short pulse current by the metering source. The heating time constant of the substrate, the width of the heating pulse is usually 1- tens of ms. 2828COB light source COB (CHIP on Board) is to fix the chip to the substrate through the silver gum, the electrical connection method of the chip and the substrate is implemented, and.

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