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Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 1
Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 2
Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 3
Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 4
Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 1
Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 2
Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 3
Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1 4

Uv Led Water Disinfection Tianhui-1


Product details of the uv led water disinfection

Product Introduction

Tianhui uv led water disinfection is manufactured from optimum quality raw materials that render superior durability. The product meets the requirements of testing after many time trials. Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. is actively working to bring new uv led water disinfection to market.


TH-UVC-T5 is a double-sided light tube, respectively front and back, low-voltage DC drive, constant current chip turn to constant current drive to ensure stable light output and service life of lamp beads long.

The product can be instantly started at nanosecond level without delay. After starting, the stable working state can be achieved.

The lamp body is made of high-purity aluminum it is made by anodizing after construction, with simple and fashionable appearance and no color change. The wavelength range of UVC LED used is 270-280nm, with excellent and efficient sterilization and disinfection. Surface UV high transmittance quartz lens is used to improve the effectiveness of UVC

The use rate can significantly improve the sterilization effect. All materials meet the environmental protection requirements of ROHS and Reach


Sterilization of object surfaceInternal sterilization in limited spaceAir and water purification






TH-UVC -T5 Sterilization lamp tube


Opening Hole size



Rated voltage

DC 12V


UVC radiation flux

80- 100mW


UVC Wavelength

UVC270-280nm / UVA390-400nm


Input current



Input power



Waterproof grade



Lamp bead life

5,000 Hours

L50 (DC 12V)

Dielectric Strength

DC500 V, 1min@10mA,Leakage current


Φ15.5 x 147.4mm

Net weight



Applicable water temperature



Storage temperature



Warning Instructions For Use

1. To avoid energy decay, keep the front glass clean.

2. It is recommended not to have objects blocking the light before the module, which will affect the sterilization effect.

3. Please use the correct input voltage to drive this module, otherwise the module will be damaged.

4. The outlet hole of the module has been filled with glue, which can prevent water leakage, but it is not

recommended that the glue of the outlet hole of the module directly contact the drinking water.

5. Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the module reversely, otherwise the module may be damaged

6. Human safety

Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause damage to human eyes. Don't look at ultraviolet light directly or indirectly.

If exposure to ultraviolet rays is unavoidable, appropriate protective devices such as goggles and clothing should be

used to protect the body. Attach the following warning labels to products / systems 

Company Feature

• Tianhui's experienced and professional technical personnel ensures excellent product design and development.
• Tianhui was established in Our company has been exploring suitable management and good service for years. And now we have been widely recognized by customers, based on the scientific management system and comprehensive service system.
• Tianhui always puts customers and services in the first place. We constantly improve service while paying attention to product quality. Our goal is to provide high-quality products as well as thoughtful and professional services.
UV LED Module, UV LED System, UV LED Diode produced by Tianhui feature good design, novel style and diverse specification. You can choose freely according to your needs. If you want further information, feel free to contact us.

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