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UVLED Science UVLED Has These Characteristics

UVLED, that is, UV light light diode, is a type of LED. It is a high -power LED chip with a high -power LED chip with a certain proportion of 200nm to 450nm. The main principles of UVLED are the following points: 1. UVLED emitting mechanism: The end voltage of the PN knot constitutes a certain potential barrier. When the positive bias voltage decreases, most loaders in the P and N areas spread to the other party. Because the electronic migration rate is much greater than the air acupoint migration rate, a large number of electronic spreads to the P area, forming an injection of a minority carrier of the P area. These electrons are compounded from the cave on the price, and the energy obtained during composite is released in the form of light energy. This is the principle of PN knot glow. 2. UVLED light emitting efficiency: Generally called the external quantum efficiency of the component, it is the internal quantum efficiency of the component and the product of the component efficiency. 3. UVLED optical characteristics: UVLED provides a large monochrome light with a large semi -width. As the energy gap of semiconductor decreases with the temperature, the peak wavelength it emits increases with the rise of temperature and increases with the rise of temperature. 4. UVLED thermal science characteristics: Under a small current, LED temperature rise is not obvious. If the environmental temperature is high, the main wavelength of UVLED will be red, the brightness will decrease, and the luminous uniformity and consistency will become poor. 5. UVLED life: The long -term work of UVLED will cause aging, especially for high -power UVLEDs, the problem of light decay is more serious. When measuring the life of UVLED, it is not enough to use the damage of the light as the UVLED life. It should be used to specify the life of LED with the percentage of UVLED attenuation percentage. There are many characteristics of UVLED, but the main summary is the following points: 1. There is no solvent-greenhouse effect 2. It is conducive to environmental protection 3. Work-oriented land without pollution 4. Fast production 5. room temperature curing 6. Products have unique performance 7. Save energy 8. Easy washing 9. Save space 10. High gloss 11. Little waste materials 12. Method diversity, adaptability, product replacement fast. Because of so many characteristics and characteristics of UVLED, it has laid the foundation for the later use of UV solidification.

UVLED Science UVLED Has These Characteristics 1

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