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[UVLED] PCB Circuit Board UVLED Printing Light Source

PCB circuit board UVLED printing light source is an LED chip as a PCB optical curing machine with LED chip. It is different from PCB optical curing machines such as mercury lamps and halogen lamps. It is relatively strong, so the overall light power of UVLED printed light sources is relatively small (compared to the overall light power of the mercury lamp) to completely solidify. PCB circuit board UVLED printing light source principle: adding light cause (or photoresist) to the resin of a special formula, after absorbing the high -intensity ultraviolet light in the ultraviolet (UV) optical curing equipment, the active free radicals or ion base are generated, thereby Treatment of aggregation, cross -linking, and branching reactions, the resin (UV coatings, inks, adhesives, etc.) transformed from liquid to solid state within a few seconds (no). PCB optical curing UVLED printing light source machine PCB ink characteristics: (1) viscosity: so -called viscosity is the internal friction of the liquid, indicating that under the action of external forces, one layer of liquid slides on another layer of liquid, and the inner liquid is applied to the inner liquid. The friction of PCB printed ink will not be scratched by foreign objects. (2) Tacticalness: Tentile is a physical characteristics of liquid, that is, its viscosity decreases in the stirring state, and after static, it will quickly recover its original viscosity characteristics. By stirring, the effect of tactile degeneration continues for a long time, which is enough to make its internal structure reconcile. To achieve high -quality net printing effects, the tactileness of ink is very important. (3) Fineness: The fillers of pigments and minerals are generally solid. After fine grinding, its particle size does not exceed 4/5 microns, and in a solid form to form a homogeneous liquidity state. Therefore, it is very important to require ink to have fineness. More information is welcome to log in

[UVLED] PCB Circuit Board UVLED Printing Light Source 1

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