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[UVLED Manufacturer] Urgent You Can Only Provide a Set of Efficient Energy -saving and Environmental

Wake up by the phone ringing early in the morning, and hear it as sleepy: Customer: Hey! Hello! Are you tianhui? Me: Hmm! Hello! I am, what needs help? I thought it was another sales call, the brain hovered, waiting for the other party to narrate. Customer: I am a certain company, I have encountered problems, please help solve. As soon as I hear, technical problems, it must be about UV, so I listened to 12 points and listened. Customer: At present, the camera point of our company's camera point is always not well -curing. Sometimes it can be solidified. Sometimes it does not work. The irradiation time is not solidified for 2 minutes, and the temperature is high. I am worried that it will affect the filter on the camera. See if you have a good suggestion here. I think .. this should be a small question, so I asked: Is the current curing equipment of your company the type of light bulb? How long does it take to buy it? The customer answered: It was a light bulb -type, which was purchased from Japan in August last year. Me: Your problem is actually very simple. I will provide you with a set of tianhui UVLED devices to ensure that you can be solidified within 10S and the temperature is relatively low. You first tell me the glue model and the need for the exposed area. I will go right away. The company brings the device to your company to help you solve the problem. According to the customer's requirements, the face light source of LX-S100100 was brought to your company, and the experiments were done. If you want this, give a quotation, Liu Sheng, I immediately call the purchase ordering arrangement. This problem is solved. Our project can also be produced with peace of mind. Many times I will hear the customer to ask these problems. In fact, when the customer chose the first choice, the difference between mercury lamp and UVLED. Let me talk about the differences between the two in detail: 1. mercury lamps, general wavelengths, general wavelengths, general wavelengths, general wavelengths, general wavelengths, general wavelengths, general wavelengths. It is 200-400nm, with high temperature, large energy consumption, large occupation space, and a life span of only 2000 hours. 2. UVLED, the wavelength is divided into 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, the temperature is lower than the mercury lamp, the energy consumption is relatively low, and the life span can reach 20,000 hours. When you hear this, which one you will choose, detailed requirements and needs, you can find Tianhui, which will help you solve all your problems and look forward to your call!

[UVLED Manufacturer] Urgent You Can Only Provide a Set of Efficient Energy -saving and Environmental 1

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UV LED curing transforms inks, coatings, adhesives, and other photo-reactive materials into immediately fixed-in-place solids through polymerization using efficient electron ultraviolet (UV) light. In contrast, "drying" solidifies chemistry by absorption or evaporation.
The UV light utilized nowadays is traditionally produced by UV lamps based on mercury vapor for numerous industrial and medicinal uses. It has long been established that certain UV light waves have a severe germicidal effect, causing irreparable damage to DNA and RNA in microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
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