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[UVLED CICF] the Prevention and Relief Method of UVLED Ultraviolet Rays

[UVLED CICF] UVLED UV prevention and relief method UV is an abbreviation of ultraviolet rays, and UVLED is the UV light generated by LED. In the field of chemical polymers, UV is also used as the abbreviation of radiation solidification. Under UVLED radiation, the light causes in the liquid UV material are stimulated to become free radicals or cations, which will cause polymer materials (resin) that contain active functional groups (resin). The process of polymerization into an insoluble solid coating film is a new technology that has risen, environmentally friendly, low -VOC emissions in the 1960s. UVLED UV radiation can cause severe burns of the eyes and skin. Don't look directly at UVLED UV light when you don't wear protective eyes. For personnel who work under UVLED for a long time, the following methods can reduce or relieve symptoms: (1) Do not rub your eyes to avoid weight damage. (2) Drip your eyes with fresh human milk or milk, once every minute, 4 to 5 drops each time. After a few minutes, the symptoms can be reduced. (3) Cold the eyes with cold and wet towels. (4) Oral painkillers and sedatives. (5) Antibacterial eye drops or eye ointment can be used to prevent eye infection. (6) Electro -optical eyeitis is severe and symptoms are not alleviated. (7) Usually prepare for the hospital's electro -optic eye drops. The last thing to add is that UVLED ultraviolet rays are injured in the eyes. Pay attention to food supplements in the day of life. Lean, poultry, animal's internal organs, fish and shrimp, milk, eggs, beans, etc. The main component of the cells, the repair and update of the tissue needs to be continuously supplemented. Second, foods containing vitamin A are also good for the eyes. When lack of vitamin A, the ability to adapt to the dark environment of the eyes is reduced. In severe cases, it is easy to suffer from night blindness. Eat enough vitamin A every day can also prevent and treat dry eye disease. The best source of vitamin A is the liver of various animals, and plant -based foods such as carrots, amaranth, spinach, leek, green peppers, red heart sweet potatoes, and orange, apricot, persimmon, etc. in fruits. Finally, eat more foods containing vitamin C. Because vitamin C is one of the components that make up the eye crystal. If there is a lack of vitamin C, it is prone to crystal turbid cataract disease. Vitamin C's rich foods include various fresh vegetables and fruits, especially green peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, fresh jujube, raw pear, oranges, etc. UV burns are equivalent to "welding burns", and you will feel like you enter the sand that cannot be washed in your eyes. Uncomfortable is temporary, there is no long -term effect. Never look directly at the UVLED light that is working!

[UVLED CICF] the Prevention and Relief Method of UVLED Ultraviolet Rays 1

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