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Transparent LED Lamp Beads Are Different From SMD Lamp Beads Display

With the continuous development of the market economy and the establishment of high -rise urban buildings, the transparent LED lamp bead display has been widely used in the field of urban glass curtain wall lighting and the improvement of architectural art beauty. So, what is the difference between transparent LED lamp beads and SMD lamp bead display? 1. High breathability, not affecting indoor lighting, flashing cool. As we all know, the dish of the SMD lamp bead display will affect architectural lighting. The LED lamp bead transparent display uses independently developed side light flashing technology. The naked eye can hardly see the light bar in front, which greatly improves the breathability, supports the machine sticker, and the production capacity is higher. 2. Stripes structure, can be planned by alien. When SMD lamp beads make alien products, they will be bound by its box structure. There are a little defect for stitching aliens, and there will be stitching. Alien transparent LED lamp bead display can customize and spliced perfectly, the curved transition is natural and beautiful, and the product screen can support it into cylindrical, round tables, triangles, arcs and other aliens. 3. Lightweight planning, saving steel structure costs. The SMD lamp bead display is 42kg per square meter. When the screen area is too large, it is a big challenge for the screen steel structure and the original building structure. Transparent LED lamp bead display can be vertical independent device without glass. Assuming that the device is behind the glass curtain wall, you can directly rely on the steel structure equipment of the curtain wall. The extremely light weight of the 16kg/ on the load of the steel structure is very low. 4. Perfect matching with the glass curtain wall, hidden equipment, does not affect the building shape. When the SMD lamp bead display is established, a large steel frame structure is required, which is time -consuming and laborious, which has a certain effect on the shape and beauty of the building. The transparent LED lamp bead display can be easily combined with the wall in the device application without damaging the wall and enhancing its overall beauty. 5. Outdoor screen use, indoor equipment, outdoor watch. The indoor SMD lamp bead display equipment will block the sun and vision. Transparent LED lamp bead display is used for outdoor screens, indoor equipment, outdoor viewing, do not worry about waterproof and ultraviolet rays, the product function is very stable. 6. Convenient maintenance, supporting hot insertion and lighting maintenance. There is a problem with the SMD lamp bead display. Most of them are maintenance. You can remove the entire module or box for repair. And the transparent LED lamp bead display only needs to change the light bar during the dimension, the operation is simple and convenient, and the maintenance cost is reduced. Maintenance equipment transparent display

Transparent LED Lamp Beads Are Different From SMD Lamp Beads Display 1

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