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Study on the Development Trend and Its Application Characteristics of Patch -type LED

Patch luminous diode is a new type of surface -style semiconductor luminous device. The LED encapsulated LED is divided into CHIP, TOP, SideView and other types. It is also widely used in various occasions with the characteristics of small volume, large scattered angle, good luminous uniformity, and good heat dissipation, such as display screens, signal lights, and home lighting. This article cuts in from multiple angles to introduce the market conditions and development trends of patch -type LEDs. At the same time, explore the packaging characteristics and latest research results of the patch -type LED, analyze the driving circuit technology of the patch -type LED energy -saving lamp, and bring it to it A comparative test with the straight -inserted LED energy -saving lamp, so that we can more comprehensively master the development status of today's patch -type LED. It is believed that the widespread application and rapid development of patch -type LEDs will lead the LED lighting industry today in a thinner and more efficient direction. For this reason, as the creator of the green light source light source, the Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of perfect quality, excellence, adopt high -end raw materials in the packaging process, strictly controlled control procedures, and strengthen trust. At the same price, make first -class quality. It will also continue to maintain cost advantages, differentiation, and formation of core competitiveness at all times, and provide customers with competitive LED components with value. [Literature Source]: "Journal of Lighting Engineering" professional patch LED, two -color LED, three -color LED, full -color LED, 020 side light light LED, backlight LED, ultra -long foot LED, ice blue LED, 0603 patch, anti -decay attenuation LED and other series of product manufacturers.

Study on the Development Trend and Its Application Characteristics of Patch -type LED 1

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