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Purple UVLED Disinfectant Principle and Six Principles

According to the differences between its biological effects, the purple UVLED can be divided into UV-A (320-400nm), UV-B (275-320nm), UV-C (200-275nm), and vacuum purple,. In the water treatment, the UV-C part of the purple-light UVLED disinfection device is actually proven to be the highest fungicular UVLED near 260nm in this band. Ziguang UVLED disinfectant integrates comprehensive science such as optical, microbiology, machinery, chemistry, electronics, fluid mechanics. UV-C light produced by specially designed high-efficiency, high-intensity, and long-lived UV-C lights produced by specially designed a strong UV-C light water generated by the device. When the water in the water is subject to the ultraviolet UV-C light (wavelength 253.7nm) of the purple-light UVLED disinfectioner. Its cell DNA and structure are destroyed, and cell regeneration cannot be performed, so as to achieve water disinfection and purification of water. The spectrum line with a wavelength of Purple UVLED disinfectant can also break down the organic molecules in the water, produce hydrogen -based free radicals and oxidize the organic molecules in the water to carbon dioxide to achieve the purpose of removing TOC. Ziguang (UV) disinfection technology for bacterial viruses and other pathogenic disinfection is already recognized in the world. Society is also increasingly applying the principle of high -tech antivirus. For its disinfection methods, what advantages does Ziguang (UV) water disinfection technology have? One: High -efficiency sterilization, purple light (UV) to kill bacteria and viruses is generally within one second. For traditional ultraviolet rays, chlorine gas is used in ozone, and the effect of purple light (UV) generally takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. Two: It is safe and reliable. Traditional disinfection techniques are chloride or ozone, and the disinfection agent itself belongs to highly toxic, flammable and explosive substances. The use of these substances on the operating site's surrounding environment and the safety of residents have potential threats. Modern ultraviolet disinfection technology does not exist in such safety hazards. Three: No secondary pollution. Because purple light (UV) technology can be controlled as sterilization and does not add any chemical agents, it will not cause secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment, and does not change any component in the water. Four: continuous large water disinfection, modern Ziguang (UV) disinfection equipment can run 365 days a year, and run continuously 24 hours a day. Except for regular maintenance within one or two hours, the best operating conditions are 24 hours continuously. Five: Simple operation and maintenance and low cost. Due to the improvement of the core technology of Ziguang (UV) in the 1990s, ultraviolet disinfection technology is not only the highest among all disinfection methods, but also the simplest disinfection operation and maintenance. 4 % per ton of water or even lower. Therefore, its cost performance is the highest among all disinfection technology. It not only has the advantages of high efficiency that other disinfection techniques cannot compare, but also have the advantages of low cost and operating costs. Six: wide application fields, in all current disinfection technologies, none of them, like purple light (UV) technology, have such a wide range of application fields. It can not only disinfect fresh water, but also disinfect seawater; not only can disinfect drinking water, but also disinfected wastewater. It can be widely used in various areas that need water disinfection. For example: freshwater, seawater disinfection, shellfish purification, agricultural processing water, drinking pure water, electronics, medicine, and biological industries ultra -pure water, various beverages, beer and food processing, sewage treatment, disinfection of tap water, disinfection of sewage treatment. Swimming pools, urban fountain decoration water, central air -conditioning and power stations and other cooling water, and military bases, ships, submarine water, etc.

Purple UVLED Disinfectant Principle and Six Principles 1

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