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How to Correctly Replace the SMD Lamp Beads on the Lamp Board

It is believed that friends who do SMT to change lamp beads are often encountered. Our SMT semi -finished lamp bar will appear in such one or two abnormal lamps during the test. Due to the circuit design, most of the circuit boards are designed on a single road, and an abnormal lamp bead will also affect the lamp behind the lamp behind. The normal use of the bead, at this time we need to replace the single lamp bead. There are fewer inserts now, basically all are“Table sticker”type. Because the feet are not led, LEDs can be close to the substrate, and the heat dissipation conditions have been completely improved. It is precisely because there is no“foot”It also brings a lot of inconvenience to maintenance replacement replacement. Let s take you to understand the correct and effective single lamp bead replacement method. To do a good job of replacing the beads, you should wash your hands first to reduce the skin resistance to protect the lamp beads from being injured by electrostatic. And prepare the following tools and materials, you can start construction: The hot air gun can choose the most commonly used for maintenance. Mondrers and alcohol are used to help welded. Crossing the rosin with alcohol can be dissolved. The sinus is used for fixation and conductive effects of lamp pads. LED lamp beads to be replaced are generally divided into the following: first talk about imitation flowing beads. Because this kind of lamp bead is also in the bright place, it is easier to replace. First, use the soldering iron to heat the two solder joints to remove the bad lamps, and then use the soldering iron to flatten two pads. Then put the new lamp bead in the original positive and negative electrode to the original, and then a little welded at the pins. Press the lamp bead with your fingers to weld it. There should be a certain amount of solder on the soldering iron head during welding. When operating, you can use the soldering iron to quickly turn in turn on the two pads to welded 2 to 3 times. This is important, otherwise it is easy to cause the beads to suspend the air to affect the heat dissipation. In addition, it is best to apply some thermal conductivity to the circular pad in the middle to reduce the thermal resistance on the circular pad in the middle to reduce the thermal resistance. Replace the 5050 category“Table sticker”(Also known as SMD) Light beads will look troublesome. Using hot air guns and electric soldering iron down, as long as the aluminum substrate is not destroyed. Then use the soldering iron to remove the excess welding and leave only a thinner layer. The next step of welding should start from the back, because the front pads are too hidden soldering iron, and the hot air gun will be easily burnt with the collagen of the lamp beads. Find the position of the lamp beads on the back of the aluminum substrate, and heat it with a large tile or hot air gun until the front weld melts to weld the lamp beads. For the slightly larger lamp beads like 5730, in addition to the two welded joints that represent the LED poles, there will be a pads specifically for heat dissipation in the middle. Burn. Of course, you can also use aluminum lamps or other thermal sources to heat aluminum substrates. However, sometimes occasionally damaging a lamp bead does not necessarily be replaced. If more than 5 parallel lamp beads can be removed directly, the bad lamp beads can be removed without renewal; Short circuit. In the above two methods, the former will increase the remaining light bead current, the more the number of parallels, the smaller, and even no need to consider. The second method has no effect on the remaining lamp beads. But one thing in common is that the surface of the lamp will appear in dark dots or dark areas, affecting the overall beauty. The above is a way we often change lamp beads. I hope to help you. It is a professional LED lamp bead manufacturer with a number of national patents. The main products are purple light LED, infrared LED lamp beads, ultraviolet LED lamp beads, color LED lamp beads, etc. Big. If you need to learn more about LED lamp beads, you can consult customer service!

How to Correctly Replace the SMD Lamp Beads on the Lamp Board 1

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