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How About the Two -color Warm COB Light Source

Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. launched the 3030 patch lamp bead series, which is currently widely used in industrial lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting and other fields. This series of products is a SMD patch light source made of PCT material. The COB light source is the high -light integrated surface light source technology that is directly attached to the high -light mirror metal substrate on the high reflux rate of LED chips. Return welding and non -patch process, so the process is reduced by nearly one -third, and the cost is also saved by one -third. In general, it is more advanced and more eye -catching than LED lights. From the analysis of the number of chips and the integrated density of the chip, it is found that the integrated packaging multi -chip white LED knot temperature increases with the increase of the number of integrated chips. The emotional efficiency has decreased with the increase of the number of integrated chips. Therefore The quantity and integrated density are also an important influencing factor in the application of integrated packaging technology. The two -color temperature COB light source is compared with the advantages of small, high current, high power, high -light, low light failure, high consistency, cost -effectiveness and cost -effectiveness compared to the mainstream patch products on the market. What is the LED light source? Friends who are unfamiliar with this question often ask for friends who are familiar with the projector. Compared to traditional light sources, the volume of LED light sources is smaller. Therefore, there are many small smart projection in the market now. Since LED is a flat glowing body, its light efficiency is as high as 120LM/W, which is much higher than the 70LM/W and 100LM/W of the T5 lamp tube, which makes the overall light effect of the LED light box higher. And another inverted inverted structure LED, because it can integrated and mass -produced, has simple preparation and excellent performance, gradually obtained the wide attention of the lighting industry. The inverted structure uses the chip PN directly with the positive and negative pole co -crystal bonds on the substrate, and does not use the gold wire, and the maximum is avoided. During the use of high -power LEDs, the phenomenon of large current impact is inevitable. In this case, if the stability of the large current resistance of the lamps is not good, it is easy to reduce the service life of the lamp. The two -color warm COB light source is actually because the LED light source is used. Therefore, there can be such a volume advantage. The traditional light bulb light source requires larger space to dissipate heat. Everbright diodes are usually called direct -inserted LEDs. Glowing diode is just a tiny electric bulb. But unlike the common incandescent bulbs, the light emitting diode has no filaments, and it will not be particularly hot. The transient light effect is the light -time light of LED light sources. Rate, light transmittance, bracket structure (reflector cup) reflection and other conditions, which are basically not related to chip knot temperature. It only measures the comparison meaning, and the transient light effect cannot represent the actual working state. As a strategic emerging industry in my country, semiconductor light. However, in the field of special LED light sources, due to the high technical threshold, the market has been monopolized by foreign companies. The two -color temperature COB light source is alone by the electron movement in the semiconductor material to glow. Because the light emitting diodes are burned out without filaments, the life span is longer.

How About the Two -color Warm COB Light Source 1

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