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3030 Patch LED Lighting Balls-3030 Double-color Lighting Diodes-3030LED Colorful Lights-

3030 Lighting Patch LED Lighting Pearl 3030 Double -color Patch Lighting Diodes 3030 Double -color Lighting Patch LED Lighting Bead 3030RGB Lighting Diodes 3030 Patch LED Colorful Lights 3030 Patch LED Light beads, use high -definition environmentally friendly silicone and crystal chips for packaging, product products, products Size: 3.0*3.0*2.8mm. You can customize white, red, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple and other colors. The welding conditions are 260 degrees, within 3 seconds. There are various types of appliances, digital, communications, automotive electronics, lighting lights, electronic toys, electronic clocks, traffic instructions, medical beauty instruments, electronic teaching equipment, urban lighting projects, etc. There are more than 20 professional lanterns R & D engineers, including independent LED packaging laboratories, which can achieve high and low temperature, cold and cold impact tests, anti-vulcanization tests, moisture-proof tests, constant temperature and humidity, LM-80 standard 6000H continuous optical decay test, etc. More than 30 patent applications for the product. More than 10 years of LED lamp bead packaging experience, more than 3,500 square meters of modern LED dustless workshop, the "three defense" technology perfectly solves the problem of high dead lamp rate, vulcanization, moisture absorption and other problems of LED patch lamp beads. Wide moisture, anti -vulcanization, anti -death light). Optoelectronics strictly follow the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system. The white light-colored area strictly follows the US Energy Star IES LM-80 standard. A variety of products have been tested by American Energy Star IES LM-80, SGS, ROHS, EN62471 and other certifications. The main chip comes from the International Factory (EPISTAR, CREE, OSRAM). We promise that customers purchase conventional color temperature products for a long time to supply 1 BIN, which is completed within 3 days according to the customer proofing period, the small batch of orders will be completed within 5-7 days, and the conventional products will be completed within 1-2 days. Handling a series of issues facing customers. Patch LED instruction manual: 1. Material confirmation, whether the ingredients that are filled in the case may be different from using the brightness, and different CIE BIN may use the coloring color together. 2. Packaging and storage, avoid moisture from entering the LED before opening the packaging. It is recommended that the SMD series LED is stored in the dry cabinet of the built -in desiccant. The temperature range of the storage environment is 5-30 degrees, and the humidity does not exceed 50%. 3. The preventive measures after opening the packaging, take the entire volume dehumidification measures as much as possible after the packaging, and the dehumidification conditions: 70 degrees baking 4-12 hours. The materials after dehumidification should be used as soon as possible (within 24 hours). Please be sealed or placed in an environment where the remaining is 10-40 degrees, and the humidity does not exceed 30%. 4. Precautions for homework, this product only returns to welding twice, and it must be cooled to room temperature after the first welding. It is recommended to return welding. During the operation, the materials cannot be directly taken with your hands, sweat on your hands, sweat has optical pollution on the surface of the silicone, which affects the light. In addition, the silicone is relatively soft, and the squeezing of the hand force will cause the broken line to cause dead lights. It is not recommended to put LED on the curved circuit board. Avoid fast cooling during welding, avoid any form of mechanical power or excessive vibration during LED welding and cooling. After welding, do not bend the wire board. When repairs or a single material operation, you cannot squeeze the surface of the colloidal surface with tweezers. Because the silicone is relatively soft, squeezing the collagen with a mule will cause a broken line and hurt the chip. During batch operations, the smaller mouth of the mouth is smaller than the inner diameter of the product, which will cause stamping silicone in the mouth, causing a golden wire to break, the chip is stamped and the dead lamp. The welding LED should not be repaired. If it is inevitable, the double -headed iron is used, but it is necessary to confirm whether it will cause damage to the LED characteristics after repairs. 5. Static electricity protection, LED is a static sensitive electronic device, and various measures should be taken to avoid static electricity. For example: wear a static electrical ring during use. All devices and equipment should be grounded. It is recommended to test whether the LED has received the damage to the static electricity after the assembling LED products. 6. Clean and clean, it is recommended to use isopropanol to clean the LED. If other solvents are cleaned, it is necessary to ensure that this solvent will not affect epoxy, organic silicon, silicone, stent silver layer, etc. It is not recommended to use ultrasound cleaning to avoid damage to LED. If it is unavoidable, please conduct predictions before cleaning to confirm whether it has adverse effects or potential hidden dangers to LED. 7. Other precautions, LEDs have been exposed to sunlight for a long time or occasionally exposed to ultraviolet lines that may cause colloid to turn yellow. In order to ensure the LED photoelectric performance, keep the surface of the LED light -emitting area clean to avoid coverage of finger prints or other foreign bodies. When designing the circuit, the reverse voltage or excessive current should be generated during the switching process. Avoid sharp tools such as mules and other sharp tools to touch the silicon collagen part.

3030 Patch LED Lighting Balls-3030 Double-color Lighting Diodes-3030LED Colorful Lights- 1

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