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Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 1
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 2
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 3
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 4
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 5
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 1
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 2
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 3
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 4
Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 5

Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand


Company Advantages

· Various design elements of Tianhui water disinfection have been taken into account. These elements mainly include breathability, flammability, tear strength, durability, and size fitting.

· The product has uniform stitching. The fabric is correctly cut straight along the grain, which allows the fabric to stretch.

· This product will create a very rightful impact on all its surroundings by simultaneously bringing function and fashion together at the same pace.

Humanized design of intelligent cup cover Led touch key

Product Features

Touch temperature

Magnetically charged

Keep warm, keep cool

304 Stainless steel

304 stainless steel inner and outer double-layer structure

Craftsmanship, visible quality, super corrosion resistance, can make tea and drink

① Durable temperature lock, heat preservation and cold

② Temperature locked copper layer, reflecting heat

③ 304 stainless steel, edible grade steel

Product information

Model NameUVC-AU10
Input power5V
Working5-7 days
Led Power10mW
Material304 stainless steel, food grade material
Charging time4 hours
Charging modeMagnetic charging
Material304 stainless steel, 2-layer vacuum insulation
Holding time:The holding time is about 12 hours, over than 50 degrees Celsius, and the cold state temperature is 24 hours

Three sterilization methods Solve your drinking problem

Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 15

Sterilization in normal mode

Double click the capacitor button to excite the final horizontal light. When the UV lamp is working, the blue LED flashes slowly, One minute later, the rhyme ledg will instantly fioat.

Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 16

Super mode sterilization

Touch the capacitor button five times, Activate the UV lamp to work, the blue light works for 120 seconds. Wlligh City flickers slowly, the green LED lights up for 1 second after 2 minutes, Indicates completion.

Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 17

Cycle mode

Open the bottle every 4hours, 2 seconds each time, 3cycles, Fall asleep after 3 times Irradiate the inner surface of the bottle with deep ultraviolet light for disinfection. Make sure your bottle is free of mold and bacteria. Virus or any harmful pathogen.

Ultraviolet sterilization rate up to 99%

STERILIZATION Bacteria near zero survival rate

Innovative non-toxic mercury free UV-C led disinfection technology is adopted, without radiation and odor

Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 19

Before disinfection

Water Disinfection Water Disinfection Tianhui Brand 20

After disinfection

Shake freely without water leakage

Food grade leak proof silicone rubber ring, annular sealing design, It is safe to shake or lay horizontally

Upgrade chip and touch sensor

Built in smart chip, which can touch the cup cover with one button Strong ultraviolet disinfection, more effective in improving water quality

Charging rail

No Port USB charging magnetic charging, put the charger on the bottle cap, and it will be fully charged in 4 hours or less. The orange LED flashes slowly when charging, and the green LED remains on when the battery is full.


400mA battery is built into the bottle, It can stand by for 3 months and work for 5 to 7 days

Company Features

· Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. has established a reputation for water disinfection.

· We have a professional team who can reply to clients' inquiries quickly and give real-time feedback. They can give clients professional guidance or advice in terms of products types, functions, prices, delivery, customization, etc. We are equipped with a team of skillful workers and strong technical force who have abundant experience in the water disinfection field. It is such people that make us have the confidence to come up with different creative production solution for customers.

· We are always fully prepared for our customers water disinfection. Ask online!

Product Details

The specific details for water disinfection of Tianhui are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Application of the Product

Our water disinfection can be used in multiple areas of multiple industries.

We can provide customers with the most professional and effective solutions based on market research results and customer needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with other similar products, our water disinfection has more advantages, specifically in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has introduced an advanced management model and built a strong and professional elite team. They pave the way for our better development.

Tianhui runs the business in good faith and strives to provide thoughtful and quality services for customers and to achieve mutual benefit with them.

To be a well-known enterprise in China, Tianhui implements the development concept of 'innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing' proposed by the central government, and adheres to the important concept of 'keeping the new and the right way'.

Tianhui has been through years of wind and rain since the establishment. Compared with our peers, we have more mature production technology to provide customers with better products and services.

Keeping up with the development trend of the Internet era, our company changed the business mode. We actively build offline marketing networks, expand online sales channels and opening official stores on several mainstream e-commerce platforms. Therefore, we gained a rapid growth of sales and the expansion of sales range.

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