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UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 1
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 2
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 3
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 1
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 2
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 3

UV Curing COB Tianhui-1


UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 4
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 5
   Peak Wavelength
Forward Voltage
Forward Current
Output Irradiance
Viewing Angle
30/60 degrees
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 6
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 7
Technical Advantage - Invention Patent - COB Packaging Technology
COB packaging technology is assembling the LED chips on the metal or ceramic substrate with high thermal conductivity, the heat can be conducted by the substrate directly, which is beneficial for the heat dissipation.
The UV LED light source packaged by COB modules has high output irradiance so that it is able to realize to provide the enough radiant output on the small area, which can meet the application market where the high density optical power is needed.
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 8
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 9
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 10
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 11
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 12
UV Curing COB Tianhui-1 13

Company Advantages

· Tianhui UV curing COB is well-controlled in every detail of the production.

· Our strict quality management system maintains the excellent performance and quality of our products.

· The product acts flexibly to the changing working requirements. People can change its operation modes to meet specific needs.

Company Features

· Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. is widely recognized by the industry. We have established our position and brand in the field of manufacturing UV curing COB.

· Our company has a dedicated product development team. They can discover the exact needs of customers while balancing engineering and manufacturing constraints to provide innovative solutions.

· Tianhui always adheres to the R&D to provide a better service for customers. Get more info!

Application of the Product

Tianhui's UV curing COB is widely used in the industry and is widely recognized by customers.

We always focus on meeting customers' needs and we are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and excellent solutions.

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