Tianhui- one of the leading UV LED chip manufacturers and suppliers provides ODM/OEM UV led chip service.

Uv 405 Cob-1 1
Uv 405 Cob-1 2
Uv 405 Cob-1 3
Uv 405 Cob-1 4
Uv 405 Cob-1 5
Uv 405 Cob-1 6
Uv 405 Cob-1 1
Uv 405 Cob-1 2
Uv 405 Cob-1 3
Uv 405 Cob-1 4
Uv 405 Cob-1 5
Uv 405 Cob-1 6

Uv 405 Cob-1



Uv 405 Cob-1 7
Uv 405 Cob-1 8
Uv 405 Cob-1 9
Uv 405 Cob-1 10
Uv 405 Cob-1 11
Uv 405 Cob-1 12
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Company Advantages

· The heat radiation structure design of Tianhui uv 405 cob helps provide more channels for air convection, thus, the product can achieve optimized heat dissipation capacity.

· The product has the desired capabilities. It is developed with programs based upon the specifications of the part that defines what operation the product should perform.

· All of Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd.'s manufacturing facilities conform to the very latest quality management standards.

Company Features

· Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. is a Innovator in supplying a wide range of uv 405 cob.

· We have a technical and skilled highly engaged workforce. They are all perfectionists, with a do or die attitude who holds us all to the highest standard throughout our operations.

· We will look at the competition in foreign and domestic businesses and aim to be one of the strong leaders in the uv 405 cob industry. Depending on seasoned marketing and management skills and superior products, we have the confidence to achieve this goal.

Application of the Product

uv 405 cob has a wide range of applications.

We understand the actual situation of the market, and then combine the needs of customers. In this way, we develop the most suitable solutions for customers and effectively meet their needs.

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