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Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 1
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 2
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 3
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 4
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 5
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 1
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 2
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 3
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 4
Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier 5

Tianhui | Newly 340 Nm Uv Supplier

Waterproof grade:
UV radiation flux:
Rated voltage:
Input current:

Product details of the 340 nm uv

Quick Detail

Being widely recognized by more customers, it turns out to be effective that Tianhui needs to also pay attention to the design of 340 nm uv. Our response team conducts the quality control system to ensure the high quality product. Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. has established strategic cooperation relationships with many famous companies.

Product Information

340 nm uv's outstanding advantages are as follows.

Dynamic water sterilization module


TH-UVC-CM01M is a UVC LED over-current water killing device

Bacterial module. Small size, environmental protection and safety of selected materials drinking water and food contact requirements.

The wavelength range of the UVC LED used is 260- 280nm, with excellent and efficient sterilization effect. 

Inside UVC high reflectivity cavity can effectively improve the utilization of UV light. So as to significantly improve the bactericidal effec


Drinking machine Ice machine Air humidifier Air purifier
Aromatherapy machinePet water dispenser Dishwasher








Opening Hole size



Rated voltage

DC 12V or DC 24V


UVC radiation flux


1LPM ( Can fix 2LPM )

UVC Wavelength



Input current



Input power



Waterproof grade



Wire rod

UL1007 24AWG



XH2.54, White

Terminals can be customized

Lamp bead life

10,000 Hours

According LED

Dielectric Strength

DC500 V,1min@10mA, Input current


Φ16.3x80.4 (mm)

Net weight


Applicable water temperature



Storage temperature



Warning Instructions For Use

1. To avoid energy decay, keep the front glass clean.

2. It is recommended not to have objects blocking the light before the module, which will affect the sterilization effect.

3. Please use the correct input voltage to drive this module, otherwise the module will be damaged.

4. The outlet hole of the module has been filled with glue, which can prevent water leakage, but it is not

recommended that the glue of the outlet hole of the module directly contact the drinking water.

5. Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the module reversely, otherwise the module may be damaged

6. Human safety

Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause damage to human eyes. Don't look at ultraviolet light directly or indirectly.

If exposure to ultraviolet rays is unavoidable, appropriate protective devices such as goggles and clothing should be

used to protect the body. Attach the following warning labels to products / systems 

Company Advantages

With years of rich experience in the manufacture of 340 nm uv, Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. has become a competitive manufacturer in the industry. We have a robust technical development team with strong technical competency and system integration capabilities. Such a team enables us to provide customers with diverse customized product solutions that cater to different cost and precision requirements. We are finding ways to reduce the company's impact on the environment and embed sustainability throughout our businesses. We achieve these from the efficiency of our buildings to our progress in managing energy, water, and production waste.
The products produced are qualified products of high quality. If you are interested in our products, please contact us!

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