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Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 1
Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 2
Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 3
Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 4
Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 1
Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 2
Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 3
Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V 4

Tianhui 255 Nm Uv Led for Treatment - 10~13V

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UVB LED COB Series For 308-320nm Phototherapy Vitamin D synthesis Skin disease treatment 

UVC LED COB 250-280nm Air Purification Sterilization Water Sterilization Chemical Detection/Food Preservation

TH-UVxCOB15W2H10P-35 (2)
250-260nm 10~20W 10~13V 1~1.5A 250~400mW 120
270-280nm 10~20W 10~13V 1~1.5A 250~400mW 120
308-320nm 10~20W 10~13V 1~1.5A 250~400mW 120

LED UVA 250-280nm

Air Purification/Sterilization/Water Sterilization/

Chemical Detection/Food Preservation…

LED UVB 308-320nm

Phototherapy / Vitamin D synthesis / Skin disease treatment

UVB LED 308-320nm

 The excellent performance of UVC LEDs is demonstrated by UVB chips with a wavelength range of 308-320 nm, as well as high-performance packaging that can meet different design needs of customers.

UVB LED with a peak wavelength of 310 nm has a half wavelength width of only 10 nm, and wavelength concentration is more advantageous for phototherapy effects

Physiotherapy instrument

UVB ultraviolet rays have a erythematous effect on the human body. It can promote mineral metabolism and the formation of vitamin D in the body. Used for skin testing and treatment of skin diseases, it belongs to physical therapy.

dentify and detect unique materials. Including nucleotides, proteins, fluorescent drugs, food additives, and fluorescent coatings.

UV B is a part of sunlight, in which narrow band UV-B regulates plant development, such as inhibiting hypocotyl elongation, promoting cotyledon opening, and promoting the accumulation of flavonoids and anthocyanins. Full band UV-B can cause stress and damage plants. In the past, research on the regulation of plant development by ultraviolet light signals mostly focused on the aboveground par


UVC LED 250-280nm

Main applications of UVC include water/air/surface disinfection/purification, analytical instruments (spectrophotometry, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, etc.), mineral analysis. The UVC band has short wavelength and high energy, which can destroy the molecular structure in cells, prevent its reproduction by destroying the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, and can efficiently and quickly kill bacteria with a broad spectrum. It is widely used in the sterilization and disinfection of water, air, etc.

Toothbrush disinfection

The principle of ultraviolet sterilization is to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microbial organism by ultraviolet radiation on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, causing DNA strand breakage, cross-linking of nucleic acid and protein breakage, causing growth cell death and regenerative cell death, achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Among them, ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm has the best sterilization and disinfection effect.

Towel disinfection
Germicidal lamp
handheld disinfection

        Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 . This is a production oriented and high technology company integrated research and development, production, sales and solution providing of UV LEDs, which is specialized in doing UV LED packaging and providing UV LED solutions of finished products for various UV LED applications. 

        Tianhui electric has been engaging in UV LED package with full production series and stable quality and reliability as well as competitive prices. The products include UVA, UVB, UVC from short wavelength to long wavelength and complete UV LED specifications from small power to high power. 


Safety Precautions

The UV LED COB module emits a strong UV light in the UVA range. It is strongly recommended to use the appropriate eye and body protection while using the product and to follow the recommended safety and handling precautions.

·Do not look directly into the UV module when it is operating.

·Always wear a UV-proof face shield and cover all exposed skin while the UV module is in operation.

·Hold the UV module so that the light beams are facing away from you.

·Always turn off the device and unplug the power cord before handling the module.

·Keep the module dry at all times.

·For indoor use only.

·Do not attempt to repair the product

Company Advantages

· Made of high-grade raw materials, Tianhui 255 nm uv led is highly applauded among our clients.

· It meets some of the world’s most stringent performance standards.

· This product has good business prospects and is highly cost effective.

Company Features

· Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in high-end 255 nm uv led in foreign trade.

· The company has built up a clear and worthy customers base. We have carried out researches aiming to identify the targeted customers, cultural backgrounds, geographic locations, or other characteristics. These researches definitely help the company gain a deeper insight into their customer groups.

· While striving to provide the most satisfactory products and services, we will spare no effort to enhance our integrity, diversity, excellence, collaboration, and participation in corporate values. Contact us!

Application of the Product

Our 255 nm uv led can be used in multiple scenarios.

Tianhui provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs.

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