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TH 1000 850nm Ir Led China Tianhui Company 1
TH 1000 850nm Ir Led China Tianhui Company 1

TH 1000 850nm Ir Led China Tianhui Company

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Guangdong, China
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Product details of the 850nm ir led

Product Information


1. Emission peak at 850nmmatched to silicon sensors
2. Good current-optical output linearity, viewing angle<5°
3. Temperature range -40℃ to 125℃
4. HighOptical output power
5. Fast switchingspeed
6. TO-46 package for high reliability
7. ROHSconform
1. Apply to optical encoder with high illumination brightness.
2. Integrated diode light source.
3. Automatic control light source for motor speed
4. Servo motor light source.
5. Controllable light.
6. Differential distance measurement light source.

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• Tianhui has been engaged in the industry for years, gaining rich related experience.
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