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ReliableTianhui 265nm Led for Plant Growth 1
ReliableTianhui 265nm Led for Plant Growth 2
ReliableTianhui 265nm Led for Plant Growth 1
ReliableTianhui 265nm Led for Plant Growth 2

ReliableTianhui 265nm Led for Plant Growth

UV Wavelength:
255nm 265nm 295nm 310nm 325nm 340nm
UV radiation flux:
Minimum order quantity:

Description: Explore the power of UV light with our 310nm, 320nm, and 340nm UV LED. Ideal for sterilization, medical diagnostics, and advanced research, these LEDs deliver precision in diverse applications. Unleash the potential of ultraviolet technology with our versatile range.

310nm 325nm 340nm UVA LED Diode
Items Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Forward Current - - 20 - mA
Forward Voltage IF=20mA 3.6 - 7 V
Optical Power Output IF=20mA 0.5 1.1 2.5 mW
Wavelength IF=20mA 250 255 260 nm
260 265 270 nm
270 275 280 nm
280 285 290 nm
290 295 300 nm
300 305 310 nm
300 310 315 nm
335 340 350 nm
Viewing Angle IF=20mA - 7.5 - Deg
Tianhui TO39 340nm UVA LED diode is a light source used for medical testing,mainly for blood analysis and other aspects. This LED light source has a wavelength of 310nm, 320nm 340nm led and belongs to the ultraviolet A-band. The A-band ultraviolet light has a longer wavelength and lower energy, making it suitable for certain medical applications. 
In the field of medicine, blood analysis is one of the most important detection methods. By analyzing blood samples, important information about the patient's health status can be obtained, such as red blood cell count, white blood cell count, hemoglobin content, etc. As a light source, Tianhui TO39 320nm UVA LED diode can provide sufficient ultraviolet A light to stimulate specific components or markers in the blood, thereby assisting medical workers in blood analysis.

There are some advantages to using Tianhui TO39 310nm UVA LED diode for blood analysis. Firstly, ultraviolet A light can penetrate blood samples and interact with certain components within them. Secondly, the Tianhui TO46 320nm UV LED diode has a shorter response time and longer lifespan, providing a stable and reliable light source. In addition, the design of the TO46 packaging makes it more compact and easy to integrate into medical devices.

In summary, Tianhui TO39 310nm UV LED, as a medical testing light source, can be used in fields such as blood analysis. It provides stable ultraviolet A light for stimulating and detecting specific components in the blood, providing important blood analysis data for medical workers.

Tianhui electric has been engaging in UV LED diode package with full production series and stable quality and reliability as well as competitive prices. The products include UVA LED, UVB LED, UVC LED from short wavelength to long wavelength and complete UV LED specifications from small power to high power. 


Company Advantages

· 265nm led is endowed with exquisite technics and unique style.

· The product has survived the rigorous quality and durability testings.

· Expect affordable price, our 265nm led is also famous for its quality assurance.

Company Features

· With years of experience in developing, designing, and manufacturing 265nm led, we are positioned as a reliable developer, manufacturer, and supplier.

· Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. has employed a high quality new product development, design, testing and testing staff.

· We always put emphasis on environment protection. We are taking action to reduce climate impact and optimize resource efficiency throughout our operations.

Application of the Product

Our 265nm led can be used in a variety of industries to play a certain role.

Tianhui is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent.

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