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Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 1
Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 2
Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 3
Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 4
Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 1
Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 2
Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 3
Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui 4

Customized 365nm Uv Led Customized | Tianhui

UV Wavelength:
Rated voltage:
Consumption Power (W):
Power consumption:
TH-UV(x)T1WPS40-3535F Series
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TH-UV275T3WS80-3535 (2)
Electro-Optical characteristics at mA
Items Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Forward Current IF = 350mA   350   mA
Forward Voltage IF = 350mA 4.8 5.8 7.0  V
Radiant Flux IF = 350mA 35 50 80 mW
Peak Wavelength IF = 350mA 250 255 260 nm
260 265 270
270 275 280
280 285 290
290 295 300
300 305 310
310 215 320
Viewing Angle IF = 350mA   120   deg.
Spectrum Half Width   10   nm
Thermal Resistance   15.2   ºC /W

About UVC(270~280nm) wavelength

Sterilization box

 Main applications of UVC include water/air/surface disinfection/purification, analytical instruments (spectrophotometry, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, etc.), mineral analysis. The UVC band has short wavelength and high energy, which can destroy the molecular structure in cells, prevent its reproduction by destroying the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, and can efficiently and quickly kill bacteria with a broad spectrum. It is widely used in the sterilization and disinfection of water, air, etc.

As an efficient and environmentally friendly ultraviolet disinfection technology, UVC LED chips have been widely used in various fields in recent years. Its small and portable features and excellent disinfection effect make it the first choice for many industries and fields. Next, we will explore together in which application fields UVC LED chips have shown unique advantages.

1. Household disinfection: The family is our warmest place, but it is also an important place for germs to breed. UVC LED chips are widely used in household disinfection equipment, such as household air purifiers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. These devices use the ultraviolet rays emitted by UVC LED chips to efficiently kill bacteria and viruses in the air and on the surface of objects, making the home environment cleaner and more hygienic.

handheld disinfection
Underwear disinfection

2. Medical and health: In the medical field, UVC LED chips are used in operating rooms, diagnostic equipment, and medical water treatment. By integrating UVC LED chips into medical equipment, rapid and reliable disinfection can be achieved, greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection. In addition, UVC LED chips can also be used for disinfection of personal protective equipment such as sterilization boxes and medical masks to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients.

3. Food safety: Food safety has always been a concern, and UVC LED chips play an important role in this field. It can be used in food processing equipment, food storage areas and sanitary equipment in catering establishments. By using UVC LED chips for food disinfection, it can efficiently kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of food, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

Sterilization box

4. Water treatment: Water is an essential resource in life, and UVC LED chips can play an important role in water treatment. It can be applied to tap water purification equipment, drinking fountains, swimming pools, etc. By using UVC LED chips to sterilize water with ultraviolet light, it can efficiently kill bacteria, viruses, algae and other microorganisms in water



Warning Instructions For Use

1. To avoid energy decay, keep the front glass clean.

2. It is recommended not to have objects blocking the light before the module, which will affect the sterilization effect.

3. Please use the correct input voltage to drive this module, otherwise the module will be damaged.

4. The outlet hole of the module has been filled with glue, which can prevent water leakage, but it is not

recommended that the glue of the outlet hole of the module directly contact the drinking water.

5. Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the module reversely, otherwise the module may be damaged

6. Human safety

Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause damage to human eyes. Don't look at ultraviolet light directly or indirectly.

If exposure to ultraviolet rays is unavoidable, appropriate protective devices such as goggles and clothing should be

used to protect the body. Attach the following warning labels to products / systems 

Company Advantages

· The offered Tianhui 365nm uv led is designed in accordance with the industry norms and standards.

· Its quality is excellent and has passed the international certifications.

· The product quality of 365nm uv led is ensured for a better global competitiveness.

Company Features

· Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. is a well-recognized company in China. We have outstanding advantages in developing, producing, and selling 365nm uv led.

· The factory has been adhering to a strict quality management system. From materials purchase to the last stage of production, we make sure that products strictly meet the related national standards stipulated for this industry.

· We implement the Sustainability Policy. In addition to complying with existing environmental laws and regulations, we practice a forward-looking environmental policy that encourages responsible and prudent use of all resources throughout the manufacture. Welcome to visit our factory!

Application of the Product

The 365nm uv led produced by Tianhui has a wide range of applications.

Tianhui has many years of industry experience and strong production strength. According to different needs of customers, we are able to provide customers with excellent and efficient one-stop solutions.

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