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Curing Led Tianhui Brand 1
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 2
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 3
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 4
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Curing Led Tianhui Brand 1
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 2
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 3
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 4
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 5
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 6

Curing Led Tianhui Brand


Product details of the curing led

Quick Overview

curing led we produced is characterized by its its high quality and durability. The quality inspection standard of the product conforms to international norm. This product is regarded as the remarkable one in the industry.

Product Information

Compared with similar products, the curing led produced by Tianhui has the following advantages.

Curing Led Tianhui Brand 7
Curing Led Tianhui Brand 8
Forward Current


Forward Voltage

Optical Power Output

Peak Wavelength

50% Power Angle



Lead Forming
When forming leads, the leads should be bent at a point at lease mm from the base of the lead.
Do not use the base of the lead frame as a fulcrum during lead forming.

● Lead forming should be done before soldering.
● Do not apply any bending stress to the base of the lead.
The stress to the base may damage the LED's characteristics or it may break the LEDs.

● When mounting the product onto a printed circuit board,the via-holes on the board should be exactly aligned with the lead pitch of the product. If the LEDs are mounted with stress at the leads, it causes deterioration of the cap and this will degrade the LEDs.

● Shelf life of the products in unopened bag is 3 months(max.) at <30°C and 70% RH from the delivery date.
If the shelf life exceeds 3 months or more, the LEDs need to be stored in a sealed container
with silica gel desiccants to ensure their shelf life will not exceed 1 year.
● Tianhui LED lead frame are gold plated iron alloy.This gold surface may be affected by environments
which contain corrosive substances. Please avoid conditions which may cause the LED to corrode, tarnish or discolor.

This corrosion or discoloration may cause difficulty during soldering operation.
It is recommended that the LEDs be used as soon as possible.

● To avoid condensation, the products must not be stored in the areas where temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly.

Handling Precautions
● Do not handle LEDs with bare hands, it may contaminate the LED surface and affect optical characteristics.
In the worst case, catastrophic failure from excess pressure through wire-bond breaks and package damage may result.
● Dropping the product may cause damage.
● Do not stack assembled PCBs together. Failure to comply can cause the cap portion of the product to be cut, chipped, delaminated and/or deformed.
It may cause wire to break, leading to catastrophic failures.
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Company Introduction

Located in zhu hai, Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. is a company in the industry. We are professionally engaged in the business of UV LED Module, UV LED System, UV LED Diode. In the following days, we will always regard 'integrity management, pursuit of excellence, people-oriented' as the business philosophy and bear the core value of 'be prepared, dare to challenge, develop with innovation' in mind. Under the fierce industry competition, we enhance the core competitiveness by constantly opening up new markets, avoiding risks and accepting challenges. Moreover, our aim is to achieve the goal of our sustainable development. Our company has a high-quality talent team integrating R&D, technology and management. It is of great importance for our long-term development. Tianhui insists on providing customers with reasonable solutions according to their actual needs.
With years of experience in production, we guarantee our product quality so you can purchase them with confidence. Feel free to contact us!

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