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Zhuhai's Reasonable UVLED Light Source

Zhuhai's reasonable UVLED light source focuses on the organic combination of technological innovation and user needs. Tianhui's technology development is based on UVLED light sources. The products are hot in Guangdong and have a certain share in the market. We will, as always, with customer satisfaction as the purpose, provide more users with high -quality and high -quality UVLED light sources. Welcome to inquire. The hotline is 13048834002. Please continue to check the following, discount UVLED light sources, supply UVLED light sources, and promote the information of UVLED light sources. Provide customers with a supporting UVLED light source and high -quality services, through wholesale; direct sales; distribution; dealer agency; specialty store sales methods to sell products to customer groups with demand light sources, and are committed to users in terms of products and services. Satisfied, let customers rest assured. The UVLED light source provided by Tianhui technology mainly uses bank transfer; online payment; payment in person to pay for, you will ship the goods within the day. From the date of receiving the product, if the quality problem of the product itself within three months, the after -sales service that can be replaced. At present, about 51 employees developed by Tianhui's technology, the company's turnover has reached about 10 million yuan per year. Power: 100WUVLED Light Source Brand: TIANHUI Type: Line Light Source Production Address: 504 Donglongxing Building 504, Huarong Road, Longhua New District, Zhuhai City: Inkjet printing, biology, medicine, police detection analysis light sources, plant growth lights, scientific research more Band light sources, ultraviolet sterilization, LED photon medical, ultraviolet water treatment, vegetable treatment, air treatment, etc. are the main product line after -sales maintenance area: Guangdong service area: Guangdong product level: senior logistics method: land transport; air transport; railway transportation price: discussion, please please please please please please please please please ask for discussion. Read the UVLED light source of the above information major, agent UVLED light source, low -cost UVLED light source, we focus on the production of UVLED light sources, and we are committed to developing Tianhui technology into a well -known company in the market in the electrical instrument. Zhuhai TIANHUI Technology Development Co., Ltd. is determined to join hands with new and old customers with high -quality and excellent competition advantages to work closely to create a glorious tomorrow! Contact number 0755-28760662 Manager Fu wants to understand the reasonable UVLED light source, high-quality UVLED light source, cheap UVLED light source, more information of UVLED light source agents can access Zhuhai Tianhui Technology Development Co., Ltd. website website

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