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Why Does the Purple Light Flashlight Choose 365nm LED Lamp Bead

The main purpose of Ziguang F flashlight is to detect whether it contains fluorescent agents. It can be used in the daily basis of identifying banknotes, detecting clothes, diapers, etc. The increase and gorgeous effect of fluorescent agents have been widely used in many areas such as textiles, papermaking and washing. Relevant national standards also allow manufacturers to add fluorescent agents within the specified range. The qualified LED Ziguang flashlight can indeed detect whether clothing, paper and other items contain fluorescent agents, but they cannot judge their content. The LED Ziguang flashlight is widely used. In fact, it is not just a detection of fluorescent agents; in terms of crude oil testing, survey, banknote testing, jewelry identification, it is the main working light. The LED Ziguang flashlight can immediately illuminate the peripheral environment with fluorescent agents; for example, when it is used by ultraviolet rays, the purple light flashlight is a relatively weak blue light beam. If you encounter a fluorescent agent containing fluorescent agents There will be fluorescence reactions in color. It can detect not only the fluorescent agent, but also the stone Zhaoyu. A qualified LED purple light flashlight = accurate 365nm wavelength enough ultraviolet light intensity good enough convergence. 365nm UV rays are unsightly light, and human eyes cannot be seen. Due to the problem of manufacturing technology, the ultraviolet rays from LED lamp beads are a peak -like peak, which is mainly concentrated in 365 wavelengths. There will also be a small number of visible light of more than 400nm. Therefore, after the qualified 365nm flashlight is turned on, it should be a weak white light band a little blue. If the brightness is high, it means that there is a problem. If the light is blue or purple, then there is a problem. Good purple light flashlights also have good convergence capabilities. You can expose as many ultraviolet rays as possible in the same direction to increase the strength of ultraviolet rays in the unit area. Great help. Back to list

Why Does the Purple Light Flashlight Choose 365nm LED Lamp Bead 1

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