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Why Does the LED Light Source Module Add Lightning Protection Design

Outdoor lighting has been widely used in many demonstration projects at home and abroad. Based on its harsh use environment, the LED light source module must focus on the design of problems such as waterproof, high temperature, lightning strikes and other factors. Hongba Electronics introduces the following methods to prevent the effective way to prevent street lights from being destroyed by lightning and lightning: 1. External lightning protection and internal thresholds are combined with the current general LED light source module. It must be installed on the line and the ground network. These systems constitute an external lightning protection system. This system avoids LED street lights from fire and personal safety accidents caused by direct lightning. The internal lightning protection system refers. This system can prevent sensing lightning and other forms of over -voltage invasion, causing power to destroy, which is an external lightning protection system that cannot be guaranteed. The two are complementary and complementary, completing each other. Internal lightning protection systems are connected to the external lightning protection system or set up an over -pressure protector on many devices, cables, metal pipelines, etc. in the inlet and out of the protected area. 2. Lightning -proof potential connections are the destructive potential difference caused by thunderboltic lighting. The power cords, signal cables, and metal pipelines must be connected with an over -voltage protector. Equivalent connection, each partial equal potential connection must be connected to each other, and the back of the main equal potential is connected to. 3. In addition to the power supply equipment, the LED light source group will also set up some communication equipment to control the switch and brightness of the street lights. These equipment and power supply need to be placed in the lightning zone. The electromagnetic field here is much weaker. 4. High -quality protection equipment -the role of lightning protection module and overvoltage protection module is to connect to the potential system of the protection system in a shorter time (nano -second), so that the electrical levels of the device port. At the same time, the huge pulse energy generated in the circuit is released to the earth through the short route to reduce the potential difference of the interface end of the equipment, thereby playing the role of protecting the equipment. For the LED light source module, the use environment determines that lightning protection is a heavy barn indicator for measuring its performance. Hongba Electronics can customize the driver module of various power and related scale functions according to customer needs. Hongba Electronics Do the service of each link with your heart and be committed to the satisfaction of every customer.

Why Does the LED Light Source Module Add Lightning Protection Design 1

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