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What Is the Difference Between 5050LED and 3528 Patch? Take You to Understand!

The number of LED lamps is generally 60 LEDs per meter and 30 LEDs, and there are 30 pieces of LEDs; and the 5050 specification lamp belt is generally 60 LEDs per meter, while 72, or even 80 are common in jewelry counters. The input voltage of the LED patch lamp bar. The common specifications are DC 12V, and some are 24V. LED patch light strips are generally used in product showcases, shop door decoration, ultra -thin light box backlight, hotel KTV decoration, outdoor lighting, home ceiling, ceiling porch decoration. It has been widely used in furniture, car, advertising, lighting, ships and other industries. Features: 1. Green environmental protection lighting sources do not produce harmful ultraviolet light, especially suitable for cultural relics and medicine display. Used to illuminate gold and silver jewelry, watches, etc. 2. Cold light sources, heating and low micro, no heat radiation will be generated to display products;. 4. Utilized life, 3 years of installation for 3 years. 5. Low voltage work, safe and reliable use. 5050 patch LED and 3528 patch specifications The size of the size of 5050LED: 5mm*5mm*1.6mm, light strong can reach 5500-6000mcd (pure white light, slightly smaller warm light). His working voltage is the same as ordinary LEDs, only 3.2-3.4V, and the current is the same 60mA. Because the volume of the 5050 patch LED is relatively small and the workmanship is relatively fine, it is not convenient to hand -welded, but it does not mean that it cannot be welded. Its welding temperature should be controlled within 250 degrees, otherwise it will be hotly scalded with the more expensive 5050 patch LED LED. Since the 5050 patch LED parameters determine that he must be a favorite LED, he is often used in high -end civilian energy -saving lamps, car instrument boards, LED light belts, mobile phone backlight and keys Products, LED backlights, switches and logo plane backlights, calls, flash, car, audio, indoor display, lighting lamp market! 3528 Parameter working current: IF = (20mA) 3528 White pressure 3.0-3.4V Lighting strength 2200-2800 (MCD) Light Plums 6500mlm angle 120°3528 red pressure 1.8-2.4V light light 600-900 (MCD) optical flux 2200mlm angle 120°3528 blue pressure 3.0-3.4V light emitting strength 300-500 (MCD) light flux 1000mlm angle 120°3528 Yellow pressure 1.8-2.4V Lighting strength 500-800 (MCD) Light Plums 2000mlm angle 120°3528 Green pressure 3.0-3.4V Lighting strength 1000-1200 (MCD) Light flux 3000mlm angle 120°35mm*28mm, 50mm*50mm Different sizes and different power. In the application of patch, 3528 has no advantage in the brightness or life. 3528 power 3528 The power of red light, yellow light, and orange light is 0.04W. The power of 3528 beads green, blue light, warm white, and white is 0.06W. 3528 full -color RGB beads red light, green, blue light power 0.2W. 3528 Application Features 1. Light failure. After the LED work, 20mA is lit normally, and the brightness will gradually increase to about 1500 hours. The current is 40mA, normal 20mA, 30mA lighting does not affect light failure. 3. High brightness, color area concentration, large angle, bottom thermal resistance, ultra -low light decay process, ultra -long life 3528 and 5050 patch LEDs are there any uses? 3528,5050, all of which are SMD table stickers LED packaging forms of finished lamp size. Make names in size. Such as: 5050 is the model of LED packaging, named after the size specifications, refers to the 5050 model LED lamp bead. Compared with the DIP light of the table sticker SMD light, the brightness is low, but the maintenance is convenient and the perspective is larger. So almost all the indoor LED display is almost all SMD patch LED.

What Is the Difference Between 5050LED and 3528 Patch? Take You to Understand! 1

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