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What Are the Applications of Deep Ultraviolet LED Lamp Beads?

Deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads are new light sources that have emerged in recent years. At present, deep -ultraviolet LED lamp beads are being affected by increasing manufacturers, and the scale of use has also expanded. The use scale and examples of deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads: 1. Print UV ink solidification, boring, solidification, exposure, cleaning, cleaning, etc. Mosquito, scorpion, etc.; 4. Criminal investigation blood traces, human fluid court investigation, etc. 5. Industrial fluorescent dye leakage investigation–HVAC, car, etc. 6. Forge investigation–Qianyin, antiques, art, fluorescent analysis, anti -counterfeiting detection, cultural relic identification, etc. 7, mineral lighting equipment and lighting–Watch gemstone glow 8. Home and hotel view–Find the fluids of animals, insects and humans 9, glass viewing and repair; 10. Plant lighting, seed cultivation, etc. 11, PCB categories: exposure, curing, sunbathing, boring 12, FPD category: exposure, solidification, sunbathing, cleaning, cleaning 13. Food and water treatment category: sterilization, disinfection, deoxidation, TOC differentiation, food preservation of food 14. Medical and biochemical category: sterilization disinfection, phototherapy, air cleaning, homogeneous parting, gene engineering 15, furniture and clothing category: boring, solidified, sun -exposed version 16. Special effects screening scope: Screen screening, special effects lights Deep UV LED Light Lighting Source and UV Lights Cost -effective 1, Super longevity Number: Life Number is more than 10 times the traditional lamp machine. 2. Cold light sources, no heat radiation, temperature rise and lower temperature, solve the question of traditional thermal damage questions. Special suitable LCD edge, film printing, etc. 3. Small heat in heat can solve the question of large amount of heat in traditional equipment. 4. Light in the moment, no need to warm up at 100%power UV output immediately. 5. The number of life -long life is not affected by the number of opens and closes. 6. High energy, stable light output, good effect on lighting, improve production power. 7, no mercury, no ozone will occur, which is a safer and more environmentally friendly choice for replacing traditional light source skills. 8. Low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10%of the traditional light type, which can save 90%of the power. 9. Protection cost is simply zero. Warm reminder to ensure high -quality LED light sources, please pay attention to customers and friends: 1) Deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads storage conditions: temperature 10 26 , humidity 40%to 65%, packaging bag seal retain. 2) All the processes used in all processes must directly contact the deep -ultraviolet LED lamp beads to avoid and eliminate static electricity. Do not touch the UV light diode directly with your hands; The work table requires paving static tape, and the tape should be connected and grounded between each other; 4) When welding, pay attention to the welding time, the welding temperature, and the other positive and negative polarity should be distinguished; Parameter value; need to pay attention to when welding high -power UV LED: 1) The welding time cannot exceed 3S; 2) welding temperature≤260 degrees; 3) Flowing welding can only be welded once; 4) During welding, distinguish positive and negative polarity, and avoid lens to prevent damage to lens 5) Make heat dissipation methods, especially high -power deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads as much as possible to ensure as much as possible Meeting the area of the heat sink 6) In order to make the ultraviolet light -light diode last, it is advocated that the more stable constant current driver current or IC is advocated without using the constant voltage driver power or IC. Depending on ultraviolet rays, good protection of both eyes and skin.

What Are the Applications of Deep Ultraviolet LED Lamp Beads? 1

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