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UVLED Wire Light Source UVLED Line Light Source and Application

After the IT electronic manufacturing industry, after UVLED dot light sources, the line -shaped UVLED UVATONON has emerged. The UVLED line light source is different from the scattering light emitted by mercury lamps. UVLED line light sources emitted by the ultraviolet light of nearly parallel light. The energy concentration, high irradiation intensity, and high curing efficiency are avoided by ultraviolet damage outside the work area; It can also form a curve light source; began to be used in the field of LCD panels, mobile phone touch screens, and printing. UVLED wire light sources have the following characteristics and the application field A) UVLED line light source and point -to -point machines cooperate with the rapid sealing and flowing operation of the chip. Due to the high energy of UVLED, stable light output, and uniform exposure, making production is more fast and efficient. b) Since UVLED is a cold light source, no heat radiation, and the temperature is small, it meets the conditions of the production of LCD display. During the manufacturing process of the LCD display, the LCD edge is performed through the UVLED line light source. Strong, simple, fast and efficient. c) The use of UVLED line light sources with UV ink can be applied to the printing field. Inspect needle manufacturing. d) Made in headsets, microphones. e) Sensor packaging. For more information, welcome to enter the official website

UVLED Wire Light Source UVLED Line Light Source and Application 1

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