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[UVLED Transfer] UVLED's Application in UV Transfer

The UV transfer process is also known as the UV irrigation process or UV -covered process. It uses the characteristics of UV to transfer glue and metal non -sticky characteristics to transfer various types of mobile phones to PET or PC or glass sheet through the UV transfer process At the same time, this process is widely used in PET, PC, glass and other boards, and made various effects such as the entire side of the strong, so as to fundamentally replace the injection molding and the ultra -thin keys process. In the past, most of the mercury lamp equipment was used, but because the materials such as PC, PET and other materials need to be better in the environment with a relatively low temperature, it will be better. Therefore, UVLED can be well applied here. UVLED has low temperature, high efficiency conversion, higher efficiency, lower power consumption compared to mercury lamps, and more environmentally friendly. At present, the UVLED of Tianhui Technology is applied to a lot of UV transfer, and the effect is quite good. Most of the UVLEDs used here are 400*300mm glowing surface. The temperature of the beads is controlled by water-cooled refrigeration method. The touch-type display screen is more intuitive and convenient. Appropriate light intensity. If you need to customize the device, you can also contact our engineering staff through telephone or webpage, and specially customized a suitable solution for reference. Welcome to inquire at any time.

[UVLED Transfer] UVLED's Application in UV Transfer 1

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